2900 items all removed from the shelves! The seller is found guilty of selling illegal products


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Electrical safety has always been a key concern for both platforms and consumers when making purchases.Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Office in Singapore(CPSO stated that from January to November this year, over 2900 illegal household products were found on various e-commerce platforms.


If the household appliances sold are of a regulated type, they must be in theOnly by registering on CPSO can one obtain a unique safety label. Afterwards, the seller will also receive a valid seal printed on the products they sell.


And most of the household products announced this time are controlled goods, as they have not been disclosed toCPSO registration or lack of valid safety signs does not meet regulatory requirements.


The top five categories of unregistered appliances sold online that do not meet regulatory requirements includeCooking utensils such as AC adapters, portable sockets, toasters, grills, and electric stoves. The rest include hair dryers, kettles, hot water dispensers, etc.


Most of these products are available inAmazonCarousell, Ezbuy, Lazada, Qoo10, and ShopeeSales are available on e-commerce platforms.


according toCPSO stated that most of the above products have been complained about by consumers or discovered during market supervision work.At present, all related products have been taken off the shelves. Sellers who sell unregistered products have also been fined or warned.


According to our understanding, Singapore has33 types of household appliances are considered regulated goods and must be tested according to safety standards and labeled with safety labels before they can be sold in Singapore. The controlled product categories updated in July are as follows:


2900 cross-border e-commerce products are all taken off the shelves! The seller is found guilty of selling illegal products


CPSO reminds relevant sellers that sellers who offer to sell unregistered controlled goods will face up to two years in prison or a maximum penalty of SGD 10000, or both, upon conviction.


CPSODirectorBeatrice WongIt is easy to cause safety accidents such as fires and electrical hazards if consumers purchase non compliant and unregistered household appliances.


For electrical safety, once a problem is discovered, the consequences are unimaginable. So relevant sellers must pay attention to the local laws and regulations that must be followed when selling related electrical products, and strictly follow the regulations. Avoid the risk of products being removed from shelves due to violations or facing more severe penalties.

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