Security issues are frequent, and Amazon Christmas lighting has been urgently recalled!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Christmas, as a major festival in European and American countries, has a strong festive atmosphere, and the decoration is certainly indispensable. Every year before Christmas, they crazily purchase and decorate their families to welcome the holiday.


In addition to the decorations on the Christmas tree, both indoor and outdoor decorations should also be decorated to create a festive atmosphere in the surrounding area. At this time, lighting decorations are items that enhance the atmosphere, and one or two lamps are usually arranged in the home to decorate the home and regulate the atmosphere.


Google Trends shows that from this yearSince October, the global search volume for "Christmas Lights" has rapidly increased, with the top five regions with the highest search popularity beingThe United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

 Frequent B2B security issues, Amazon Christmas lighting urgently recalled!

Every year, as the Christmas season approaches, many sellers layout Christmas lights. Christmas lighting mainly consists ofLED light strings, decorative small lights, and outdoor spotlights are the three main types.


Christmas is one of the best sales seasons for sellers of the year. If there are any errors, it will affect the performance of the year, soPrudence has become the creed in the hearts of sellers. Even so, there are still some unexpected situations that occur every year to some extent.


Recently, a product sold on Amazon's UK website was priced at approximatelyThe £ 29.95 Christmas lighting has been urgently recalled due to a serious risk of electric shock and non-compliance with safety standards.


BritainThe announcement released by Electrical Safety First states that the threads on the bulb casing are not neutral, but live, and consumers may experience electric shock when twisting the bulb. The SKU involved in the product is FLICKBULBSTR, ASIN is B09G6PFX6P, and the barcode is 5060147014471.

 Cross border sea safety issues are frequent, and Amazon Christmas lighting has been urgently recalled!

In fact, it is common for Christmas lighting to be recalled, which requires the attention of sellers.


In August, the European Union announced the recall of Home Living Pisca Led Christmas lighting. The EU points out that if the product is bent, it is easily damaged but can still be used, but live parts may become accessible. In addition, the diameter of certain parts of the product (conductors and wires) is insufficient, making it easy to generate heat and damage the insulation layer. Users may touch live parts and be electrocuted.


A month later, the European Union then recalled a product calledChristmas lights from 5M LED MERRY CHRISTMAS. The reason for this is also the risk of electric shock, specifically because the cross-sectional area of the internal and external wires is too small, which may overheat, leading to burns or fires; If the insulation wire of the base is damaged, it may come into contact with live parts, resulting in electric shock.


For sellers, it is essential to pay attention to quality issues when selecting products. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the differences in products, as there are many sellers selling Christmas lights, and how to surprise and win is also crucial. Of course, the issue of intellectual property rights in products cannot be ignored.

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