Slightly miserable! UK Boxing Day sales expected to plummet


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

Boxing DayBoxing Day is the 26th December of each year,yesThe day after Christmas or the first working day after Christmas is a festival celebrated in parts of the Commonwealth


According to the research instituteVoucherCodesdataIn non necessitiesShopOKdo businessUnder the premise ofthis yearBritish Boxing DaySales ofEstimated amountWill reachthirty-nine point four100 million pounds,relatively10% down from £ 4.4bn in 2019Lower than last year1%。


Even if non essential stores are allowed to openPeople are rightOmicronViral variant's concernsThey will also consciously avoid high streets, shopping centers and other crowded placessales volumeIt is expected thatWill compare23% in 2019.


At the same time, the agency said that this yearFrom December 25 to December 31UK ConsumerWill spend13.9 billion pounds,relativelyIn 2019, it will decrease by 9%.Income from high streetFrom£ 3.6bn in 2019 decreased by 30% to £ 2.3bnIt's true It's sadChristmas sales period of


However, online retailers will be the biggest winners. This Boxing Day, UKOnline spending is expected to reach1.67 billion pounds,with46% increase over £ 1.14 billion in 2019butComparisonsLast Christmasof£ 1.7bntakedecline16%。


The growth of online sales, to a certain extent, also confirms thatinfluenceThe general trend of consumers' shopping habits gradually changing from offline to online


In addition, according to Xiao BianOffice for National StatisticsRecently releasedData forlearn, as ofDuring the week of December 16averageeachforty-fiveindividualThere are peopleonepeopleUnfortunatelyInfectednovel coronavirus


Although BritaingovernmentbeforeSaid he would not announce a new one before ChristmasDecree on Epidemic Prevention and Control, but it is not clear at presentHow about the follow-upNot excludedbritainIssued by the governmentStricterRestraining orderandWhether non essential stores will be closedI'm not sure


In view of uncertaintyAfter ChristmasWill there be a blockade decree, many consumersShopping and hoarding through online channels toAfter ChristmasPossible blockadeGet ready.


In this regard,Angus Drummond, Commercial Director of VoucherCodesexpress,Boxing Day is a discount in the UK retail calendarOne of the most powerful and popular festivals,butIn the past two yearssufferEpidemic impactMost seriousfestival


In fact, not only the UK, but also all parts of the world are suffering from the impact of COVID-19 and its variants, and all walks of life are experiencing severe tests and challenges. What each of us can do is to work hard to survive this challenge.

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