Prime members steal products? Amazon sellers are helpless


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Recently, I learned on Amazon's official seller forum that some sellers reported that their products were sold on Wal Mart and distributed through Amazon(FBA).


sellerHomebrew said that he accidentally found someone else selling his products on wal mart. becauseHomebrew is only sold on the Amazon platform, so he decided to place an order to check the specific situation. Subsequently, homebrew received the logistics tracking number from FedEx. The express delivery is delivered by the Amazon delivery clerk. After comparing it with the products in Remove Unfulfilled Inventory, the seller found that this is his product.


In addition, according to the order details, the product also includes a gift message: Thank you for your order, fromXYZZahn LLC。 Homebrew is worried that Amazon Robotics will record that someone has bought their own products and sent them to their address, which will cause operational ranking and other impacts. Therefore, it seeks help from sellers on the forum, hoping to learn how to extract sales reports and filter only Gifted or Gift Options orders.


Many buyers also expressed their views below the forum.


sellerA: I will report the seller on Wal Mart and notify Amazon. They are abusing their Prime benefits. If you report them, Amazon will ban their buyer accounts. Wal Mart prohibits direct shipping from Amazon, so you may ban their seller accounts there.


sellerB: You need to apply to Wal Mart for a refund and indicate that it is from Amazon and uses a false FedEx tracking number. Send them Amazon TBA numbers. If you are not a seller on Wal Mart, comments on "Amazon Direct" will also be helpful.


sellerC: This has happened in every market. What you can do is to first confirm that your order is shipped through Prime and marked "Customer". Then, you can identify the order (from the packing list) and forward it to Amazon to investigate the abuse of Prime membership to sell on other platforms and use Prime to get free delivery. This usually causes the Prime account of the customer to be suspended and may be prohibited.

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