Send 9 packages in one second! New Zealanders' Christmas online shopping will reach 300 million dollars


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Tomorrow is Christmas, and many sellers are busy for the final sprint, and the post offices around the country are also ushering in the peak of parcel delivery.According to the latest data of New Zealand Post Office, they work day and night on Christmas Eve, and can be delivered every second9 packages to deliver about 2 million packages to consumers before Christmas.


NZ Postchief operating officer Brendon MainSaid that the delivery was about one week before Christmas2.3 million packages, and 2 million packages are expected to be delivered during Christmas Week. Due to the epidemic, the international supply chain continues to be affected. The New Zealand Post Office has added hundreds of people, extended its business hours, worked 24 x 7, and tried every way to deliver the packages on time.


According to the forecast of New Zealand Post,During the Christmas shopping season in 2021, New Zealand consumers will spend about 300 million dollars on online shopping.


Finder New Zealandin the light ofA survey conducted by more than 2000 New Zealanders over the age of 18 found that New Zealand consumers spent about $700 per capita on Christmas, including $240 for gifts.


Toys are still the first choice for Christmas gifts, with sales far ahead. Sales of Lego toys have increased101%, trampoline sales increased by 48%, and children's bicycles increased by 103%.


New Zealand Online MarketTrade MeThe spokesman said that compared with the same period last year,Trade MeSales of new toys on60%, many parents will prepare Christmas gifts for their children on Christmas Eve.


And categories such as furniture and consumer electronic products are also favored by consumers, especially mobile phones and laptops. Many consumers will take advantage of Christmas discounts to buy such higher priced goods online.


Among consumers,Generation X has the highest expenditure budget, averaging $1096; Next is the millennial generation, amounting to $1052; Generation Z has the lowest per capita expenditure, about $804.


According to insiders, Christmas is undoubtedly the most important time of the year for the retail industry, especially for SMEs20% comes from Christmas and New Year holidays. Therefore, in these two nodes, the advance layout of SME sellers has played a great role.


The busy peak season is coming to an end. No matter whether the seller's sales have increased or not, the more important thing is to summarize experience from this year's sales. It also prepares for the strategic deployment next year to achieve better sales results.

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