Is it a disaster to return goods in peak season? The buyer's whoring products caused the seller's dissatisfaction


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Today, while browsing Amazon's official seller forum, Xiao Bian found that some sellers reported that there was a phenomenon of return after buyers paid for their products in the peak season.


sellerHGEssentials said that a large number of buyers placed orders to buy products in the peak season and returned them after use. The right to use white whoring products, especially Christmas decorations, has become the main victim of white whoring returns this year. HGEssentials emphasized that, except for completely false returns, sellers could not even collect return labels from buyers. HGEssentials strongly recommends that Amazon change the policy of "allowing buyers to return Christmas goods before January 31".


HGE assets' posts attracted the attention of many sellers, many of whom said they had the same experience.


sellerA: Buyers have used the product for their holiday Christmas card pictures, parties or anything else, and now they no longer need it, so let's pay for their holiday.


sellerB: The anonymity of the Internet really covers up the deviant behavior of many buyers.


sellerC: Share a true story. I attended the Christmas party. The ladies spent 138 dollars to buy a tent. There was no problem with the quality of the products. However, she still disclosed in her conversation with others that she would return the goods after the vacation, because Amazon's policy allows them to use the products for free.


Subsequently, the sellers also shared their opinions on the return of white whoring products in the forum:


sellerD: Please remember that you are a businessman and have the right to protect your business. Although we only sell new sealed goods, Amazon increasingly accepts fraudulent returns using the RFS program, and our return rate has doubled since the program was launched. However, we have found a way to reduce this loss. We will send a copy of Amazon's return policy to the buyer, stating the expected refund amount, and emphasizing the consequences caused by the wrong return reason. The buyer is not cheating Amazon, they are using Amazon website to cheat you.


sellerE: All I do is divide my returns/refunds by the total number of sales, and then increase the product price accordingly. Sellers have two choices: sell more but lose money, or sell less but make money.


Amazon, as an e-commerce platform, is not to blame for focusing on the consumer experience of buyers. But repeatedly encroaching on the rights and interests of sellers to serve buyers will sooner or later cool the hearts of sellers.

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