Competing with Amazon, Google and Facebook vigorously enter into live shopping


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

This year, all the big names in the science and technology industrystayStrongly support live shopping.


2021Live shopping has become a major technology company to enter e-commercea key。 In the pasta yearLi,Meta (formerly Facebook), TikTok, Google's YouTube and other giant platforms, Macy's and Wal Martetc.Cooperation with retail giants,Promote live shopping and constantly develop new functions. At the same time, users can purchase products in the platform without jumping to other sites.


Some analysts believe thatThese measures arein order toBetter compete with AmazonIn addition to being an e-commerce giant,Amazon relies on itsPlatform advantages,And developed its advertising business. It is estimated that the United StatesBetween 40% and 70% of product searches start with Amazon.according toThe companyAccording to the financial report,"Other" business unitsIncome of, mainly composed of advertisements,2021Year on year revenue growth in the first quarter77%, more than $6.9 billion, exceeding the advertising sales of Snap, Twitter and Pinterest.


Amazon's advertising businessGoogle andFacebookIt poses a great threat.stayPurchase rate conversionIn terms of Google andFacebook lags far behind Amazon. last year,thisBoth companies startedJoin your own e-commerce businesslive broadcastFunctions and increasing investmentwithImprove purchaseconversionrate


Yulie, VP of Product Management Business at Facebook KwonKimcallFacebook's parent company is delegating teams from Facebook and Instagram's engineering, marketing and marketing departments to build new features.


This year,The company began to conduct online shopping tests with large enterprises including Wal Mart.And onFrom May to July, a live shopping day activity was held on Friday。 stayNovemberFacebookstillHeld a month longlive broadcastShopping series, retailerssureWith fans on their own pagesCommunication and interaction


meanwhile,YouTube's team is committed tojoinLive shoppingfunctionIn February, YouTube began testing in the United Statesnew function, allowing viewers to purchase products from on-demand videos, which were later extended to live broadcasts in the summer.Except for the United States,YouTubeThey also tested this in India and BrazilSome functions


YouTube and Facebook both claimed that they were satisfied with the preliminary results,But it was not announcedsaledata。 Looking ahead, the two companies said they were developing content discovery capabilities and ways to connect brands with creators.


exceptYouTube, Facebook and TikTok also joined the competition,And onlast yearThe first live broadcast was held in December in cooperation with Wal MartshoppingActivities. Experts believe that,Large social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and TokTok,It can completely improve the penetration rate of live shopping in the United States

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