Amazon's Dry Goods Come, Sellers Share Learning Experiences


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Today, Amazon UK released a new announcement, hoping that sellers can actively share their learning experiences on Amazon forums.


Cross border e-commerce Amazon dry goods are coming, sellers share learning experience


Amazon stated that while sellers enjoy their holidays, they hope to share their learning experiences on the forum, mainly in terms of having a positive impact on their business or helping them better sell on Amazon.


Subsequently, sellers responded one after another on the forum, expressing some of their sales insights.


sellerA: 1. Eliminate negative emotions that arise during the sales process: avoid becoming victims, accusers, and complainers. Maintain an objective mindset and continuously enhance professional skills.

2. Deeply study seller's university knowledge, regularly read forum content, actively seek help on the forum, and ignore negative emotions such as criticism and ridicule in the forum.

3. Understand the cost and profit margin of your product, and then price accordingly.


sellerB: 1. Be prepared for a rainy day. Sellers should always have a sales plan and take corresponding protective measures for unexpected events, even if they have not yet occurred.

2. Continuously learn new knowledge about Amazon policies and rules. To ensure that your development direction is consistent with Amazon, in order to maintain the normal operation of the seller's business.

3. Try new things with an open mindset and learn from mistakes. We are human beings, not everyone can know all the answers. New sellers will inevitably make the same mistakes as experienced sellers. Don't be discouraged or ashamed, and most importantly, avoid making mistakes again.


sellerC: 1. Understand your own sales costs

2. The Amazon forum is a great place to discuss the problems that sellers encounter during the sales process and the ways to handle them.

3. Amazon is an e-commerce platform and is not suitable for emotional emotions. Sellers should not mix personal emotions during the sales process.


Of course, there are also some sellers who have expressed dissatisfaction with some of Amazon's work and hope that other sellers will pay attention.


sellerD: 1. Never trust Amazon. They will lie to you and conceal the truth. Recently, Amazon removed the "expected delivery date" from all of Buy Shipping's shipping services in an attempt to prevent sellers from understanding how the system works.

2. People working for Amazon, including those responsible for supporting, guiding, and assisting sellers, lack understanding of the actual operation of Amazon.

Amazon's technological capabilities are not as powerful as they claim.

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