Attention! Some sellers' custom URLs are no longer usable


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon released a notice stating that,On December 31, 2021, the custom URL for sellers of handmade products( The brand name or store name will no longer be used and will be replaced by an alphanumeric URL with ASIN.

Cross border information attention! Some sellers' custom URLs are no longer usable 

Amazon reminds you that if you display your ownThe URL needs to be updated in a timely manner. Sellers can obtain a new URL in the Product Details section of the Maker Profile page.


In fact, earlier on, Amazon wanted to change this setting and even explicitly stated that the effective date wasOctober 15th. However, this was roast by the sellers, who said that it was the holiday sales season, and the sudden change would disrupt the sales plan. For this reason, Amazon has postponed the deadline to December 31st.


At present, sellers who have not yet made updates should hurry up to avoid truly disrupting their sales process.


However, the newURLs do indeed weaken the brand effect of sellers. But in fact, sellers can obtain exclusive URLs through brand registration( Brand name), and Amazon stated that,Handmade sellers can receive free brand registration opportunities.The benefits of becoming a brand seller naturally go without saying, such as having a dedicated store page.


Most importantly,Handmade sellers do not need to provide trademark proof for this plan.However, for the sake of safety, sellers can register their trademarks as long as they can, as patent and trademark disputes have never been resolved.


Recently, in addition to this change, Amazon has also provided a dynamic custom template batch listing tool for handcrafted product sellers, which allows sellers to use self generated templatesExcel templates easily apply customization to multiple ASINs.


The advantages of bulk listing tools include: reducingListing and catalog management time, creating or editing SKUs/ASINs across all custom types (text, images, and options) and products, exporting custom data and applying it to products with similar fonts, colors, and components, and editing and updating existing listings and adding new custom products.


In November, there was a wave of handmade sellers in the seller community, claiming that this is a blue ocean category without any internal competition. Is it a blue ocean? I dare not make a hasty decision.


But it can be said that nowThe Amazon Handmate project is free and sellers can apply independently. Creating a store and publishing products are free of charge, with no additional transaction or processing fees, but a 15% commission will be deducted. Interested sellers can delve deeper into it.

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