Plastic planes are popular TikTok, and the broadcast volume exceeds 21.9 million in 10 days!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Both adults and children are hard to resist toys, so toy products are often easy to generate a burst of money. Recently onTikTok Previous@kidstoyloverofToy manufacturer account, releasedA video of a remote controlled plastic plane caught fire.


In the video, the cameraman showed the material of the plastic airplane in a place like a warehouse and the characteristics that it will not be broken no matter how it is broken. Then he tried to fly indoors by remote control.In just a few tens of seconds of video, the materials, characteristics and use space of the goods are shown toTikTok users can see that with all kinds of exaggerated and funny body language, it naturally attracts many people's attention.


Video cannot be publishedIn 10 days, the number of broadcasts exceeded 21.9 million, and more than 1.1 million reviews and about 18000 reviews were received.The latest release on the account is the same toy airplane and the same content,The playback volume in 13 hours also exceeded 30000. As long as it is about the video of this remote control aircraft, the playback volume is significantly higher than other videos.


Many netizens in the comment area were attracted by this small plastic remote-control airplane, saying that it was not bought for children, but played for themselves.


It shows that this small remote control aircraft is very attractive to most consumers.


Cross border information plastic planes are popular in TikTok, with more than 21.9 million broadcasts in 10 days!


The popularity of the keyword "remote airplane" on the Google trend is also in a state of rising volatility. It shows that consumers are more likely to be interested in similar products under the guidance of video.


The cross-border e-commerce logistics plastic plane is popular TikTok, with more than 21.9 million broadcasts in 10 days!


Search for the same product in Amazon, and the customer's score is about3.6 stars. Seeing the product review area, most customers said that although the aircraft is light and easy to operate, the product quality is poor, and it is easy to be blown away when the wind blows.


In general, social media platform has become the promotion of businesses"Traffic password". Especially for people like TikTok, young people use the most social media nowadays, and there is a lot of traffic space waiting for sellers to dig. Even though the sales volume has not improved significantly, the video has attracted more attention, which has greatly helped to improve the store's exposure and popularity。 Therefore, in the future marketing, sellers can make more use of social media platforms to promote themselves, and do not waste this good opportunity.


At the same time, sellers also need to pay more attention to the quality of goods.Otherwise, even if the sales volume increases, the consumers' sense of experience is poor and the evaluation of the goods is not good. It not only does great harm to store credit, but also is not easy to accumulate repeat customers.

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