The demand for handicrafts in Russia increased by 99% in December


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

haveResearch shows that,In December, the demand for handicrafts in Russia increased significantly. Most of these orders come fromSelf employed, they sell all kinds of handmade souvenirs, accessories and hobby products.According to foreign media,The procurement volume of this sector has increased99%, the turnover paid increased by 192%.Average payment amount per orderAdded47%, amounting to 2258 rubles.


Order under paymentofQuantityThe second is"Clothing and footwear" category. stayIn this category,The number of purchases has increased99%, the turnover of self-employed increased by 179%Of each orderaveragePayment amountAdded40%, amounting to 3702 rubles.


The third place is cosmetics. Of this segmentbuyThe number has increased116%, and the turnover of the self-employed increased by 43%. meanwhile,Average payment amount per orderReduced34% to 2416 rubles.


From December 20 to December 26, the number of paid services for self-employed individuals in the beauty industry increased year on yearHas34%, the paid turnover increased year on yearHas2%。Average payment amount per orderReduced24%, reaching 2314 rubles. Most importantly, Russians provide eyebrow trimming, hairdresser service, manicure and pedicureInterest in services is also growing


The demand for various household services, including cleaning, is also report goes,This year'sRussia in this fieldPaid OrderQuantity ofMore than last year33%。 The turnover paid by the self-employed decreased by 33%,Average payment amount per orderDown49%, amounting to 448 rubles.


In addition, according toSberServices serviceInvestigation ofRussian interest in beauty servicesIt also increased in December.


Marina Aleksandrovskaya, COO of SberServices, commented that,this yearRussiaInterest in freelance services has also increasedin especialPhotographers and photographers,For theseserviceDemand forThis is especially important before holidays.


In winter, especially on the eve of the New Year holiday,RussiaDemand for express serviceIt is also increasing. Due to the various holidays that followed, the demand for express delivery services surged mainly because consumers needed to give gifts to each other.

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