Omicron affects Christmas socializing! Britain prefers to wear "pajamas" for Christmas


Source: ennews

On the eve of Christmas this year, a new variant strain of Omicron virus began to appear in many regions of Europe. The rapidly spreading COVID-19 has basically become a major threat factor for people to socialize during Christmas.


During Christmas, it is winter in the European region,According to a survey, British people are more willing to stay in warm rooms during winter, especially during Christmas,Warm lighting,Wearing comfortable pajamas,Sitting on the sofa and watchingNetflix andTasting Fine Wine and Food.Even some British people expressed thatWhat is a holiday night without Christmas pajamas.


And the editor also found the search trend for British pajamas in Google Chrome.


Omicron's influence on Christmas socializing! Britain prefers to wear "pajamas" for Christmas


From the search volume for pajamas in the UK, it can be seen thatSince mid November, the search volume for pajamas has been continuously increasing.


Coupled with the pandemic, more and more people are shifting their shopping methods from offline to online,The development of social media has further driven this trend. It is reported that there areRetailers inI shared a photo on InstagramPajama chartAfter the movie, like itexceedOver 21000 times and received hundreds of comments.


Shoppers are shocked by these scenes and can't wait to buy for their entire familyComfortable pajamas.Some netizens expressed that:

@Isobelane 2021 wrote, "Our family needs these

@Kimberley_ Rosexx said, "Wow.It has a very Christmas atmosphere.


From the perspective of best-selling styles, the materials are comfortable, and pajamas decorated with candy, elk, Christmas elements or stripes are more popular among local consumers. Wearing such pajamas and spending Christmas with family creates a stronger Christmas atmosphere.


Overall, the outbreak of the epidemic will drive people's online consumption, and with the development of social platforms, more hot sales will eruptcategoryOf course, Google's hot search will also lead the trend of hot sales, and relevant sellers can pay more attention to the epidemic situation and consumption trends in the target market, and make good marketing plans for their stores.

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