Brand acceleration plan -- another pit of Amazon?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Amazon sellers have more or less heard of Amazon's brand acceleration plan. According to the introduction of Amazon, participating in the brand acceleration program will obtain marketing support, exclusive traffic, brand protection, product selection guidance and a series of fee reductions and other privileges.


Recently, however, some sellers reported to Yeon that they and other sellers joined Amazon's brand accelerator program and found that the effect was not good, but they were difficult to exit when applying for exit for various reasons……


According to the sellerIn May, I participated in the brand accelerator program of Meiya Station,Amazon will charge more for each product7% commission


However, after a period of use, the seller felt that the effect of this plan was not good, andThe 7% commission is also a little high, and we plan to withdraw after evaluation. Since his former investment manager left, the seller had to open a case in the background to apply for exit.


The seller said that hefromSince October, the case has been opened in the background, and the application for withdrawal has not been received from the project leader until early December。 But the other side replied,After application, waitIt takes 2-3 months to quit the plan. During this period, Amazon will still charge commissions


Cross border information brand acceleration plan - another hole of Amazon?

Reply received by the seller


What the seller did not understand was why it took so long to exit the brand acceleration plan. After that, the seller followed up several times via email, but the reply was that the other party could do nothing but wait. As of the press release, the seller still could not withdraw from the plan.


In addition to this seller, there are a considerable number of sellers who also report this problem. Most of the sellers report similar situations:The commission charged by the plan is too high and the effect is not obvious, but there is no exit way when you want to exit, could not contact the investment manager, did not reply to the email and WeChat, and could not exit smoothly.


”At that time, they said that they could apply for withdrawal at any time, but now they can't contact anyone at all. "Some sellers complained like this.


Finally, the seller said that Amazon's plan may be good, but it may not be suitable for everyone. All sellers should consider carefully before joining.

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