The growth rate of the e-commerce market will slow down, and opening up our own market is becoming a trend!


Author:Wang Meirong
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In 2021, online retail showed different development trends, with large retailers starting to expand their comprehensive online and offline businesses, and the second-hand market gradually warming up


Digital Commerce 360Based on previous reports and research, predictions have been made for online retail in the new year. In the report, they stated that,E-commerce market growth ratetakeSlow down.This trend is reflected inIt has been demonstrated since 2021,Online sales in the United States will increase by 16.2% year-on-year in 2021,andThe proportion in 2020 is31.8%.


The institutionResearch Data SupervisorJessica Young stated that e-commerce growth will occur in 2022Maintain stability, but reachSo far this year, everything has been slowing down. This situation will occur in theContinuing in 2022, when online salesExpected toYear-on-year growthAbout 14%

 The growth rate of the overseas information e-commerce market will slow down, and opening up its own market is becoming a trend!

 Jessica YoungAlso indicates thatOnline retailersby2022ofStand out from the competition,investmentA lotNew business models, such as launching their own market platform, selling second-hand goods, or testing buybacksTrade in Planetc..Retailers launch their own market asYesA trend,theseWe hope to provide more types of inventory in the mode,butRetailers who are not responsible for procurement areStrongattraction.


At the same time, he also added thatsayroad The luxury goods market has already taken the lead in online consignment and repurchase programs,2022This trend will lead toAccelerate development.This is related to numerousYoung consumers focus on sustainable products,away fromFast fashionThere is a close relationship.


On the issue of supply chain, some people from the organization stated that, under the premise of good epidemic control,Supply chain issues will be addressed in theGradually improving in the second half of 2022.However, it is worth noting that the inflation faced by the US market is still ongoing,The consumer price index in November was 6.8% higher than the same period last year.

 The growth rate of the overseas information e-commerce market will slow down, and opening up its own market is becoming a trend!

In terms of consumption trends, the organization hasKey focus for 2022Other trends are the wedding craze, Amazon's more antitrust difficulties, and the delivery sectorQuestion.Retail Editorial Director of the organizationApril Berthene believes that,In 2022, there will be a shopping boom related to weddings, including formal clothing.


Sellers can focus on the above related content,In 2021, e-commerce platforms and sellers encountered many thorny issues, such as supply chain shortages and exchange rate fluctuations. In the new year, these issues have not yet been effectively resolved, which invisibly adds a lot of pressure to sellers.


In this regard, sellers still need to continuously increase their own strength, operate in compliance, and avoid unnecessary risks in advance.

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