Will American fashion dress make a comeback?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

After the downturn during the epidemicIn 2022, fashion apparel may make a comeback in the American market.


During the epidemic, the clothing market in the United States suffered a major blow. At the beginning of the outbreakIn April 2020, the overall sales of the American clothing market decreased by 79%. Among them, the sales of tight pants, jeans, khakis and fashion pants have plummeted.


At the same time, however, the purchase of sweatpants has increased80%。 Because of the home rule, people spend most of their time at home. Comfortable sweatpants and loose clothes are popular. The fashion magazine GQ said: "In the eyes of Americans, sweatpants have replaced blue jeans."


Not only in the United States,NPD GroupFashion industry consultantsIn October, it was said that the overall sales share of sportswear and comfortable wear in the Canadian clothing market increased from 25% in 2019 to about 33% this year.


However, with the reopening of public places this year, people began to go out to work and participate in social activities. The demand for formal clothes and fashionable clothes increased, and sweatpants returned to its supporting role status.


Sweatpants are no longer popular,consumerIsfollowmorelivenyouth, even more luxurious fashion styles,thisAndSituation during epidemic isolationformationHasdistinctofcontrast.


along withPeople are in the announcement placeSpend more timeThe trend of comfortable loose clothing will be morearrangementAnd fit styles.Bright colors, bubble sleeves and unique and novel styles will become new fashions.


In addition, some people in the industry said that thick soled sneakers such as Daddy's shoes, which were popular in the past few yearsIn 2022, it will be replaced by chic muller shoes or more fashionable leather sports shoes.


Second hand clothing is also popular, according to the resale platformAccording to a ThredUp survey, 42% of consumers said they planned to spend more on second-hand clothing than any other retail category in the next five years. Among the Millennials and Generation Z people, the majority have this idea.


Yi Enjun also reminds sellers to pay more attention to the fashion trends in the American market and choose reasonable products.

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