A super large container ship is stuck on the way! Once attached to Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and other ports


Source: ennews

According to foreign media,December 24OneVLCC from Piraeus to RotterdamOn the way, alongLost due to unknown damage while sailing off the coast of Portugalpower


according to the understanding ofTheGiant shipsUTC timestayThe anchor was dropped from 13:30 to 17:00,It was disabled and drifted for aboutOver 3 hours,Restore aftersail,stayArrived in Rotterdam on December 27. As of December 28 UTC, the freighter is currently moored in Rotterdam.


It is understood that the container ship was once attached to domestic ports such as Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai and Ningbo. It is reported that the goods originally scheduled to be delivered to Rotterdam, Hamburg and other ports at the port may be delayed.


Some people said that the ship broke downMainly due to engine problemsShort term loss of propulsion causedthisyescompareCommon accident types, worldwideIt happens almost every daySeveral such accidents.


butyesContainer capacity exceedsOnly a handful of 20000 TEU giant ships,therefore, such shipsNo matter what happenswhat"Insignificant"Accidents ofallIs an event.


There are many uncertainties in the transport of cross-border goods by sea. Previously, a container going to Africa was hijacked at sea, which also attracted wide attention from sellers and freight forwarders in the circle.


The cross-border logistics traffic volume around Christmas is large, but there are many unstable factors in shipping. It is hoped that the sailors can successfully reach the target port on the sea voyage.


This small editor also reminds that during this period, the relevant sellers who have transportation relations with the freighter should contact the freight forwarder in time to understand the logistics transportation situation, and contact the customer in time to explain the logistics situation patiently, so as to avoid the problems such as poor evaluation of the store caused by the logistics delay.

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