Zalando will establish two operation centers in Poland


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

European online fashion platformZalando will open another two operation centers in Poland, expanding the total area of its facilities by 2410000 square meters


stayBia ł e B ł otaofThe logistics center is already under construction, whileThe second logistics center of Bydgoszcz will be built in early 2022.


Bia ł e B ł Land occupied by ota operation centerThe area willexceed100000 square meters,And provide additional warehouse space, which is expected to create about800 jobsto open upAtMarch 2022.andThe total area of the operation center located in Bidgosh is140000 square meters, including office facilities, planned forOpen in the second quarter of 2023It is expected to create up to3500post.


The investment aims to expandZalando's logistics network in Europe


In addition,BydgoszczAnd surrounding areas were selected as new fulfillment centers because they are close to Poland and other nearby markets. The region also has high labor potential, close to PolandotherZalando plant, it is expected that this will enable smooth coordination of the project. With the construction of the new site, Zalando is negotiating with the local authoritiesAdditional investments are planned, including infrastructure improvements andNew roads will be built near the Zalando site.


ZalandoRepresentativeexpress:"The investment in Bydgoszcz and its surrounding areas will enable us to expand our European logistics network and support the development of our shopping club Zalando Lounge, which is popular among our customersEspecially in Poland. This is the first time that we have two sites in one city, which is unique for our logistics network, and will give us a chance to release new potential.


The mayor of Bidgosh added:"I'm glad that Zalando has recognized the commercial potential of our region and selected Bidgosh and Bia ł e B ł Ota to build two new fulfillment centers. As a result of this investment, thousands of people will find jobs in the local market. I wish investors the effective implementation of their development plans in our city and the region, and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.


As a European fashion platform giant,ZalandoThis new operation center will further promote its development in Europe.

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