The return of holiday e-commerce in the United States may reach 45 billion dollars


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Although the peak season is an opportunity for sales to increase, the return rate will also be higher than usual. Many sellers report that there are a lot of returns in the peak season, especially Christmas related decorations.


according toMastercard SpendingPulse's survey,fromFrom November 1 to December 24, retail sales in the United States increased8.5%amongOnline sales accounted for20.9%,higher than20.6% in 2020 and 14.6% in 2019Online sales increased year-on-year11%。


And according toAccording to the data released by USPS on December 20,fromSince Thanksgiving Day on November 25, more than 9 billion mails and parcels have been received, which exceeded 9.8 billion on December 22,At that time, it was expected that the number of letters, cards and parcels on New Year's Day would reach12 billion pieces.


But at the same time, the return rate is also rising. The reasons for return mainly include the product itself does not conform to the description, wrong delivery, delivery delay, etc.


B-Stock is one of the world's largest online platforms for inventory overstocking and customer returns, handling returned goods for nine of the top ten retailers in the United States, including Wal Mart, Target and Amazon. According to B-Stock's prediction,The value of goods returned after the holiday may reachBetween $112 billion and $114 billion, including about $43 billion to $45 billion in e-commerce orders.Its chief operating officer said that this year13.3% of holiday products were returned.


In addition, Amazon and other platforms have also extended the period of holiday returns, which increases the possibility of returns, thus increasing the pressure on the already strained supply chain. But on the other hand,The American Retail Federation said that innovations such as online return portals simplify the return experience, such asThe rise of third-party delivery locations that allow customers to bring unpackaged items to local stores or delivery pointsTo some extent, it alleviates the pressure of distribution.


Return of goods is also a big burden for third-party sellers. Many sellers say their holiday decorations have become charity products,"Buy before the festival, and return after the festival", which provides some unhealthy consumers with a legitimate opportunity to pay a whore. This phenomenon is particularly common in Christmas decorations, small cards, and decoration props.


Returns are also a troublesome problem for cross-border sellers. Sellers should also take necessary measures to reduce returns by focusing on quality.

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