In 2022, e-commerce channel grocery sales will increase by 21%


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

stayepidemic situationBefore, e-commercechannelofGrocery sales business developmentspeedRelatively slowbutNow?Driven by the younger generation of consumers,Is fastrise. 


according toDigital transformation companyHero Digital ReleasedofAccording to the report, shopping for groceries onlineIsBecame the target of many consumersNo choice. estimate2022online retailersChannelGrocery sales willYear on yearincrease21%。


The reportConsolidated2300The respondents also mentioned that,As traditional companies compete to keep up with newDevelopment trend, onlineBuy grocerieschoiceHome delivery and click picking servicegraduallyoccupyHasMost of the market share.


The reportfromGroceryThree segments of clothing and mass commoditiesBeginning with categoryStudiedto the endWhat is it?Factors are influencingZlifeGeneration, millennial generationXlifeGeneration and Baby Boomer Generation4 generationsofBrand selection andproductpropaganda.


The report found that millennialsConsumers moreFocus on easy shopping experienceExcellent customer serviceas well asSelection of relevant productsofrichness。 This generation mainlyBuy groceries through online channels, including43%ofMillennialsBuy most groceries online.


meanwhilehave50% of Gen Z consumers are recommendingbrandHourmeetingtakeenterpriseValue and brandpopularityList as the most important customer experienceInvestigation factors, and20% of baby boomers recommend brandsMore emphasis on brandto grant authorizationEtc


In this regard,Owen Frivold, executive vice president of strategy at Hero Digital, saidnumberturnService isNow?consumptionAndbrandbetweenThe default touchpoint and omni channel customer experience affect the brand loyalty of several generations.


In addition, thereportstillmentionDifferent generations of consumers pay different attention to different categories of products.aboutbuygroceriesofFor consumersvalueIt's the shopping experienceyesNo Easy


In today's consumer environmentlower, ShoppersmoreAttach importance to trustworthy brandsandThese brandsOftenThrough in store interaction and onlinechannelMake shopping easy. By satisfyingConsumer needs, improve the brandpopularity


Looking ahead,For retailers of all sizes,IfWant to win the favor of consumersA good starting point is to simplify the user's shopping process. Businesses needPeople oriented, find the sameConsumers connectofmethod

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