The number of marriages in the United States hit a 40 year high, and Amazon became the first choice for purchase


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

In western countries, people will make a list of the things needed for the wedding before holding the wedding, register with the retailer, and buy goods according to the list. According to the survey, in the United States, Amazon has become the first choice for newlyweds to buy wedding supplies.


according toThe survey data released by Baird Research in January 2022,New people who choose to register at Amazon occupy45%,Bed Bath & Beyondoccupy30%, Target 26%


sinceBaird started in 2017This itemSince the survey, the ranking of the list has changed a lot. At that time,Bed Bath&Beyond ranked first with 44% penetration rate, followed by Target (29%), Amazon (20%) and Macy's (19%).


Bed Bath & BeyondIt is the largest household and bedding chain in the United States. Before Amazon,Bed Bath&Beyond has always been the first choice for newlyweds to purchase wedding supplies. However, only 30% of new employees choose this retailer this year, which is lower than 33% in the first half of 2021 and 34% in the second half of 2021, creating the lowest level in six years.


Wedding registration is an important indicator for retailers selling household goods.Justin Kleber, retail analyst at Baird, said that the profit margin of registering and buying at the wedding registry is often higher. He said,If a companyWin theirBusiness can strengthen customer loyalty and become the first consideration of the couple when purchasing other household products


This year's wedding registration may also have greater significance. Many analysts expect that,In 2022, there will be a wedding boom, because after the wedding of newlyweds is postponed due to the epidemic, ceremonies and more large-scale celebrations will continue to be held. According to the prediction of the Wedding Report,The United States is expected to have2.5 million people attend the wedding - this will be the highest level in 40 years


Baird said that consumers' choices and preferences are also changing, and retailers are also facing some new challenges.More engaged couples choose honeymoon instead of requiring knife rest, towel and duvet。 Travel is becoming more and more popular,When the first survey was conducted in 2017, only 10% of newcomers chose to travel, compared with 16% this year. Among the younger generation, the demand for experience is more important than gift purchase.

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