The British economy has recovered and home consumption has become a popular trend


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

according toBarclaycard data shows that in 2021British necessitiesSpending increased11.1%。 This is mainly driven by supermarket shopping,hisThe overall growth rate is17.4%, online groceriesbesoarHas97.4%。


At the beginning of 2021, due toEpidemic impactbritainAll non essential retailstoreAnd hotelsClose down,Online shopping has proliferated. AndCompared with 2019, March 2021shareOnline retail growth87.7%, accounting for 51.8% of all retail expenditures.


becauseMany familiesMore favoredprovide home delivery serviceservicebritainOnline grocery spending inMarchIncreased119.7%It has achieved the highest growth rate since this year.UK online shopping this yearObtained63.2%, whileOfflineThe growth of retail expenditure is small,onlyby0.6%。


At the same time, home consumption is still2021ofpopularThe trend, this year the British peopleTake out and fast foodaspect's expenditure increased62.0%。


Family entertainment is anotherObtained under epidemic situationThrivingCategoryBecause manyFamily purchase of movies and game consolesetc., Digital ContentSubscription(47.4%) and electronic products (10.3%).


althoughThe epidemic situation isContinue to affect travel, but stay in the UKdegree of heatsoar.this yearIn June, the hotelResort and accommodationetc.sinceepidemic situationGrowth for the first time since(3.7%), increased in Augusthere we are15.9%。


Among them,Elderly consumers'consumptionmostJunefiftyThe expenditure of 64 year old consumers increased by 27.7%, while that of 1624 years oldGroup expenditureThen it decreases18.4%


In addition, the British peoplestayHomespendAlso increasedMany, home decoration andDIY and furniture expenditure increased by 26.2% and 19.8% respectivelyAndCompared with 2019,PetsExpenditures foralsoincreaseHas29.1%。


becauseRe opening of gym and golf courseSports and outdoor retailIt has also achieved certain growth,Overall growth of this categoryHas21.9%。 Although the expenditure of hotel and leisure industry decreased by 18.5% compared with 2019Policy relaxationsince,motionThe venue shows signs of recovery.


In addition,Clothing and pharmacy, health andBeauty industrystayIt will also improve in 2021, especially in MaystartbyrelieveSocial activities after blockingShopping in preparationtheseCategoryRespectively increased7.6% and 17.5%.


althoughOmicron vs. UKEconomicsofThe impact remains to be seen, but we canclearlySee, BritishretailHotels and Leisureetc.industryIsAdapt to changingexternalEnvironment, overcomingBrought about by the epidemicMany challenges.

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