Etsy announcement: improve the seller's financial report and subdivide the revenue figures


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Recently,EtsyAnnounced a series of improvement measures.


According to foreign media,EtsyIn the New YearBringwholenewplanofEtsy Payment Report. Etsy said that it improved the financial summary to make it easier for sellers to understand their financial situation. It also added "tool tips" and descriptors for all fees to make it easier for sellers to understand the fees Etsy charges and why.


"We redesigned the summary and presentationsellerThe way in which the financial situationsellerEasier to understand and use information about sales, expenses and profit margins”Etsy explained that"We believe that these changes can not only helpsellerReviewing the sales situation can also effectively plan the future of the store.


EtsyofThe activity summary is now divided into four parts: sales, expenses, marketing and transportation. It also noted that,"It is important to note that sales tax/sales tax will appear in the appropriate section of your summary."


however,These changes apply only to2022Subsequent reportsEtsy explained in the FAQ why it did notPlanning after revisionApplied in previous yearsReport for


"We know that each seller has its own unique financial management workflow. We do not want to disrupt the presentation of past data or interfere with these workflows. After careful consideration, we decided to launch these new seller payment account updates on January 1, so that you can use the existing 2021 financial workflow, and focus on adapting to the new workflow from 2022 when needed."


Etsy alsoyesRevenue figuresSubdivided"The revenue in the store statistics includes all your sales less any discounts you offer to buyers. This total excludes sales expenses, transportation costs, or orders that you have fully refunded and cancelled”Etsy explained.


"Net profit is the sum of your aggregated activities, including your total sales, expenses, marketing and transportation costs for a selected time period." The seller can find the net profit figure on the payment account.


on the whole,This improvement of Etsy can help sellers better understand their financial situation and the fees charged by the Etsy platform.

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