Russia's year-end shopping list comes out


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

according toOzon Express'sAccording to the survey data,From December 27 to 31, the sales of smartphones delivered by hour increased by nearly 70% month on month, and wireless earplugs increased by 113%. December 31, ElectronicclassThe best-selling product of is AppleIPhone 11 smartphone, Xiaomi fitness bracelet and smart scale, AirPods wireless headset and Yandex Station Mini smart speaker


In a survey on the electronic category,Intelligent mobile phoneRanked first in the New Year gift rating, and they accounted for the largest share of sales,In the second half of December, the heat of this category increased by 40%. Russians spend an average of 23000 rubles on well receivedIts brands are Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple.


Wireless headsetRanked second in the list of popular science and technology gifts. Before the New Year, the demand for such equipment increased85%。 The third place isIntelligent WatchconsumerFor such goodsSearch volumeAdded33%。


Instant camera cartridges are also very popular, and many people will choose to use cameras to commemorate the wonderful moment of the next New Year party.


Speaking of various festivals, it is naturally the time for children to receive gifts,Children's ToysIt is also popular with consumers. fromFrom December 27 to 31, the sales volume of toys increased by nearly one third. Among these toy categories, cards, board games and Lego are among the most popular ones. In addition, the popularity of various books is not low. "The Christmas Pig", "The Green Light", "Six Minutes", "Wine Folly" and "Hygge" are all bestsellers.



exceptsnacks, users also bought ready-made mealsfoodbecomeThe fastest growing category in the last two days of DecemberSalad accounts for the most.The most popular salads from December 30 to 31 are Olivier and herring, as well as balsamic vinegarOn New Year's Eve,Total Ozon ExpressissueHasMore than 800 kgofAll kinds of salad.


Ozon ExpressThe main products can be delivered within one hour,In terms of service scope, in addition to all kinds of food and consumer goods, there are also own trademarksProducts under Ozon Express.Ozon ExpressThis function is also expanding to more regions.

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