Trend analysis of hot selling goods in Brazil, sales of books and electronic products increased


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Mastercard Spending PulseAfter comparing and investigating all entity payment forms and online retail sales,Discover BrazilCompared with the epidemic situation in October 2019, e-commerce sales in October 2021 increased by 39.4%.


Among them, the sales volume of books and electronic products increased most significantly, respectively82.9% and 78.2%, while the furniture category also increased by 36.4%.


howeverCompared with October 2020, the e-commerce sales in October 2021 decreased by 24.9%. According to the analysis, the reason for the decline in sales is the popularity of vaccines in the second half of 2021, which will ease the epidemic. Many people began to go out of their homes to work and go to school, so consumers also put more attention back to physical stores, driving the sales of physical retail.


According to Global ExpressThe analysis of sales data in Brazil in 2020 and 2021 shows the relevant changes of online shopping habits in this country in the past two years.


untilBy the end of 2020, quick sale of household comfort products such as decorations, garden care and other goods is the category with the largest sales growth. And because students and white-collar workers are isolated at home, the connected electronic products, such as microphones and webcams, have also increased significantly. The sales of cameras increased by more than 18000% last year.


At the end of theIn 2021, the analysis points out that the sales of electronic products and accessories will continue to expand, and the sales of smart phones and Bluetooth headsets of well-known brands will also increase. There are also health related products, such as air humidifiers, water bottles, smart watches for detecting physical activity, etc., which are also the best selling products of the year.


Another aspect,Brazilians who will be vaccinated in 2021 have returned to social life, which will greatly improve the sales of beauty related products such as false eyelashes. Sunglasses and other outdoor and travel products have also been favored by many Brazilian consumers in quick sale.


In the context of the epidemic, consumers' consumption habits have changed greatly, and the proportion of online shopping has increased greatly. Although the epidemic has eased and consumers have gradually increased the number of shopping in physical stores, the repeated epidemic and habit formation still make online retail have a lot of room for growth.


Therefore, there is a floating change in online sales, and sellers need not worry too much. As long as we do a good job in selecting products and selling services, we can also lay a solid foundation for sales growth in the new year.

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