With an annual revenue of nearly 5 billion yuan, Shenzhen has won again!


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As the New Year approaches, many big sellers are paying year-end bonuses to their employees one after another. For employees, the amount of bonuses is naturally linked to their earnings. Recently, the cross-border blockbuster eBay released a performance forecast for 2021, and the seller predicted the bonus of its core team


With an annual net profit of more than 200 million yuan, Yibai Network completed the gambling


For cross-border sellers, 2021 can be described as a year of deep suffering. Due to the soaring costs such as epidemic, platform closure, policy change, logistics, and various events such as the platform running away, many sellers are planning to make profits for the whole year, but most of them find that they have not reached their goals.


andYibai Network completed the wagering with the profit exceeding the expectationIt really surprised many people in the industry. After all, in the eyes of many sellers, the profit of distribution is there.


According to the performance forecast issued by Huakai Creative, the parent company of Yibai Network,It is estimated that after the consolidated statement, the annual operating revenue of EBN in 2021 will be 4.7 billion yuan, of which the annual net profit will be between 210 million yuan and 230 million yuan.


In terms of the gambling agreement between Huakai Creative and Yibai Network,Yibai Network has completed the gambling for three consecutive years, in which the net profits attributable to the parent company in 2019 and 2020 were 175 million yuan and 364 million yuan respectively, exceeding the gambling target.


The annual revenue of b2b is nearly 5 billion yuan, and Shenzhen has won again!


However, the performance forecast issued by Huakai Creative shows that Yibai Network has not been fully integrated into the company's performance statement at present, and its "old bank" is also in a loss state. The company's net profit loss is expected to be between 71.5 million yuan and 92.5 million yuan.


Huakai Creative is still optimistic about its future development,It indicates that the performance of restructuring commitment is expected to be realized in 2021, of which the net profit after the consolidation date is expected to be 70.6 million yuan.


It is reported that Huakai Creative has promoted cross-border e-commerce business as the main business, and expressed that it is optimistic about its potential and development. Some insiders speculate that Huakai Innovation is very likely to turn losses into profits relying on the cross-border e-commerce business of Yibai Network.


Yibai Network is listed on the basis of Huakai Innovation, which has made twists and turns in its acquisition of Yibai Network. Now it seems that the two have shown a win-win situation.


In addition,As far as the VAM agreement is concerned, if the VAM has been completed for three consecutive years, the management team members of E-hundred Network will be given extra rewards.


Some sellers calculated the reward terms in the VAM agreement, and found that in three years, the management team members of eBay Network could get more than60 million yuanOver award of.


For its core team, this is undoubtedly a huge bonus, to the extent that some sellers jokingly claim that members of the management team of Yibai Network can go to No. 1 Shenzhen Bay to buy a house.


However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the cross-border circle is full of uncertainty. Earlier, a tree, Zebao and other big sellers also made a bet, and the bet was completed for two consecutive years. However, in 2021, this joint point was hit hard, and many insiders were also saddened by the chicken feathers in the price chain.


Like many big sellers, Yibai Network will be affected to varying degrees in 2021, but it has formulated corresponding coping strategies for the influencing factors to reduce losses.


Challenges abound, and Yibai Network increases investment in "high-quality products"


Although the performance of Yibai Network in 2021 has been very impressive, under the influence of the industry environment, the performance of Yibai Network will inevitably be affected.


The announcement mentioned that the cross-border export e-commerce industry as a whole has faced many challenges from adverse factors since the second half of 2021, includingRepeated outbreaks of "COVID-19" at home and abroad, sharp rise in cross-border logistics costs, frequent fluctuations in the RMB exchange rate, and changes in European VAT policies, and in this context, many sellersClearing up excess stock, accelerating capital withdrawal and selling inventory at low prices aggravate market competitionEtc.


It is worth mentioning that as early as late September 2021, when an investor asked "whether the high international shipping price and the shortage of containers will have a greater adverse impact on the operating performance of E-hundred in the second half of the year", Huakai Creative said that the operation of E-hundred in the second half of the year will be less affected by shipping as a whole.


The annual revenue of b2b is nearly 5 billion yuan, and Shenzhen has won again!


As mentioned in the announcement, in the face of various challenges, Yibai Network has taken timely response strategies to minimize the impact.The company has always adhered to effective control over inventory and cash, the lifeblood of cross-border e-commerceContinuously optimize the business strategy, control the inventory scale, reduce the unsalable risk, and ensure the capital turnover.


As a distribution type cross-border blockbuster,stockandSupply chainThe management of the aspect plays a vital role in the progress and development of Yibai Network. Under the background of this year's industry, E-hundred Network Company insists on strategic and continuous investment in information system optimization and boutique business, and responds to changes in external business environment and market competition pattern by continuously optimizing business efficiency and business model.


It is not difficult to see that the previous sales began to increase the investment in high-quality goods and control the inventory scale. The transformation of Yibai Network also creates favorable conditions for performance improvement and stable operation.

In addition, the announcement shows that,During the reporting period, it is estimated that the impact of non recurring profits and losses on the company's net profit is about 6.5 million yuan, mainly from government subsidies.

Whether from the data or from the achievements in recent years, the development of Yibai Network seems to have been pressed the "fast forward key".


Since 2019, E-hundred Network has embarked on the journey of financing and completed the merger and acquisition in 2021. In today's increasingly fierce competition in cross-border industries, Yibai Network has come to the fore. After many successful mergers and acquisitions, what are the advantages of Yibai Network?


two thousand and twenty-oneAt the beginning of December, an investor asked“What are the advantages of E-hundred in many cross-border e-commerce businesses due to its successful mergers and acquisitions over and over again”At that time, Huakai Creative said that the core advantages of its subsidiary Yibai Network are mainly reflected in the following aspects:Independent research and development of information system to continuously improve the level of automation and intelligent operation; Implement the blue ocean product development strategy and avoid the red ocean category; Multi category, multi platform and multi market operation, balanced development of domestic warehouse and overseas warehouse delivery, and effective diversification of business risks.


At the same time, Huakai Creative also said that it is relying on the above core advantages that Yibai Network operates steadily, and the pain points in the two industries areInventory and cash flowIts control is superior to that of other comparable companies.


It can be seen from the 2021 annual performance forecast of Yibai Network that although a series of problems, such as rising freight, rising costs and falling profits, can not be avoided by the high sales, it is still possible to minimize the impact on the products by timely changing and adjusting the corresponding strategies, abiding by the rules of the platform, and working hard on the products, so as to achieve good results.

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