The British government will provide export support services for cross-border sellers


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon Europe announced that the British government will provideOneNew export supportservicesureAnswer by phone or onlineSellers andExport related issues.


The British government of e-commerce platform will provide export support services for cross-border sellers


The service coversThe main contents include the following

reachNew marketsConditions for sales;

Paperwork required for selling goods abroad

RequiredSpecific countries where services are sold/Regionalrelevantrule


Sellers can visitLearn more about the service on the UK government websiterelevantInformation.


This should have been a service that seemed helpful to the sellers, but under the announcement, the sellers did not seem to buy it.


A seller directly said: ThisMust be joking with megovernmentallnoclearHow does this work,It's justThe blind are guiding the blind


seller"JR_Wristbands" believes that no matter how well the British government launched the service, there are still too many factors that can not meet everyone's requirements. becausegovernmentandDo not understandAmazonHow the FBA system works,The system existsMany loopholes,It will have a negative impact on the operation of cross-border sellers


"JR_Wristbands" also means that,Whether usedFBA orFBMThey allThere are many challenges and there is no unifiedsolvemethodEven if the sellersComply with allDelivery regulationsBecauseConsignee and customs make mistakesandLead to goodslossThe freight cost is rising.


"JR_Wristbands" is used for "Specific countries where services are sold/Regionalrelevantrule”The content ofHe thinks BritainThe government will only report tosellerProvide advice,butUnresolvedsaleDestination country/RegionalrelevantQuestion.



In addition, Amazon also said in the announcement that it hoped that sellers could actively put forward suggestions for improving Amazon's services.


Some sellers said they hoped Amazon couldChange unrealistic return policy。 Because of a series of reasons, such as returns, claims and delayed delivery, Amazon has brought great risks to their business activities. Because the risk of loss is too high, he has been unable to sendProducts sold in any EU country.

I hope Amazon can listen to the opinions of sellers and provide better service support for cross-border sellers.

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