Online shopping sales in the United States rebounded in December, with the most travel related expenses!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

2021 has just passed, and many consumers in the United States have seized the opportunity to buy "the last moment". according toMarket research institutionsPYMNTSright3300 American consumers were surveyed.Result display,In December 2021, the total expenditure of consumers on groceries, food, retail, and tourism was $556 billion. One third of them engage in online shopping, with a significant increase in the proportion.


It is worth noting that due to the relaxation of epidemic control and the popularization of vaccines, consumers' spending on tourism related products has significantly increased.Only inIn December, 14% of consumers spent approximately $381 billion on tourism products.


The online sales of tourism products also include$5.2 billion, with an average of $381 per payment, an increase of 21% compared to November.When making travel related purchases, credit cards are still the favorite payment method for American consumers.


In addition to tourism products, categories such as party supplies and outdoor entertainment products are also very popular. For example, the sales of beverage ice buckets and beach tents are59% and 50% growth.


E-commerce platforms in the United States saw a rebound in online shopping sales in December, with the most travel related expenses!


And in terms of online payments, credit cards and digital wallets are also popular among American consumers. have57% of consumers say they will usePayPal, Venmo, and ZellenetworkPayment.amongVenmostayThere has been a significant increase in payment frequency in December, with 19% of consumers usingVenmoApplication for payment. This payment method is the most popularThe popularity of Generation Z and Generation X is 29% and 23% respectively.


Recently, the epidemic has improved, and many consumers have gone out of their homes, resulting in a significant increase in sales in physical stores. But the new mutated strain has caused the improved epidemic to recur again. Therefore, the sales of online shopping also rebounded at the end of the year. According to the report data, seller companies can also combine local conditions and target consumers to place suitable products on the shelves, laying the foundation for increasing sales.

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