Pet brand initiated rights protection, and the seller has received the freezing notice!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Mars Pet Care, a leading enterprise in pet industry(Mars Petcare) released a report showing that in 2020, the number of pets in Russia reached 63.5 million. Among them, there are 40.8 million cats and 22.6 million dogs. It can be said that in Russia, cats and dogs are the "red men" in the pet industry. This is also the case globally.


For this reason, many sellers have arranged pet products related to cats and dogs. However, there will be competition when there are more sellers, and the more people there are, the more fierce the competition will be. In this case, some sellers will find a new way to sell other pet products, such as pet bird products.


When it comes to bird breeding, Chinese people must have a place. A few decades ago, it was a trend to walk birds in parks. Nowadays, many bird lovers will keep some. In addition to Chinese people, foreigners also feel the fun of raising birds. According to the statistics agencyAccording to the data of Statista, in 2017, the number of birds raised by American households as pets reached 20.6 million.


However, will foreigners use these common birdcages? Basically not, there are a few Chinese culture lovers. Therefore, if sellers want to make a breakthrough in this field, they also need to understand the hobbies and habits of foreigners.


Search on Amazon"Birdcage" shows the following products:


The cross-border overseas pet brand initiated rights protection, and the seller has received the freezing notice!

It can be found that raising cats and dogs requires travel clothes, and raising birds is no exception. The fourth item in the figure is a travel clothes for pet birds. However, it should be noted that,This is a patented pet bird backpack. The registered patent number isUS D903,205S。


The cross-border e-commerce platform pet brand initiated rights protection, and the seller has received the freezing notice!

It is understood that the company to which this product belongsColorful Days Co has entrusted law firm DeWitty and Associates to file an infringement lawsuit, case No. 21-cv-3112,At present, some sellers have received the freezing notice.Relevant sellers should pay attention. It is better to check their products to see if there are any of the above products.


Infringement is one of the most common problems faced by Amazon sellers. No matter what category, sellers should do a good job in market research and the infringement risk behind it to avoid unnecessary losses.

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