The cross-border transaction volume will reach 156 trillion dollars in 2022! Free delivery is really awesome


Source: ennews

The increase in the popularity of smart phones and the continuous development of e-commerce platforms have contributed to the growing number of online consumers in Europe, while the continuous optimization of mobile payment methods such as various digital wallets has provided great convenience for online shopping.


According to foreign media data,reachIn 2022, the cross-border transaction volume in Europe will reach US $156 trillion! The rising cross-border transaction volume is inextricably linked to the growing use of smart phones. It is reported that at present, EuropeThe penetration rate of smart phones has reached83%, people will use smart phones for online shopping.


In addition, in recent two yearsCOVID-19The outbreak also posed a direct threat to offline store sales, especially in European countries,Consumer groups have switched from offline to online, promoting the continuous increase of online transaction volume


At the same time, due to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in some areas during this period, people were restricted from going out to socializeTikTok and other online social media are constantly developing, and gradually become a very popular online social platform in many regions of the world.


In addition to sharing interesting daily life on social media, people will also share a variety of practical good things, especially large young users, who like all kinds of new thingsLeading various online shopping trends on social media


Moreover, relevant surveys show that,Free delivery is the key factor driving European consumers to continue online shoppingThe free delivery service provided by merchants makes consumers feel convenient, and there are a wide range of online shopping products, so door-to-door delivery can save time.


There is data displayed on theIn 2016,The proportion of merchants offering free delivery is about37%However, with the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce, the group of free delivery merchants is gradually expandingIn 2021,The proportion of this group has reachedOver 59%, and the continuous development of mobile payment has accelerated the pace of online shopping.


Looking back at the domestic online shopping consumption phenomenon, we can also know that consumers are very concerned about whether the merchants provide free distribution. Sometimes, even if the store offers great discounts, if the merchants do not provide free distribution, the consumer's shopping experience will be greatly reduced, and even may directly threaten whether consumers will finally place an order.

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