Taobao Tmall is fully integrated, and the three centers focus on consumer and business experience


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The new architecture will"Fully focus on user experience and customer value, eliminate inertial thinking and encourage mechanism innovation".


Among them, the most concerned adjustment is:,On the basis of adhering to the dual brand operation of Taobao and TmallThe newly established industrial operation and development center, platform strategy and operation center, and user operation and development center are respectivelyThinking letterXuandeResponsible for reporting to Dai Shan.


In terms of innovative business, live broadcasting is in the charge of Daofang, and content ecology such as shopping is in the charge ofA thousand citiesThey report directly to Dai Shan, which also reflects Ali's emphasis on these two businesses.


In addition, Alibaba GroupCTOLu SuWill concurrently serve as TaobaoCTO, Group CCO/CROAbbessWill concurrently serve as TaobaoCCO/CRO。 Ali's mother will continue to beJialuobe responsible for.


The establishment of three new centers means the two core businesses of Alibaba e-commerce, Taobao and TmallIn the backgroundAchieve comprehensive integration.After this round of adjustment, Taobao will form a unified platform mechanism to ensure that consumers' shopping experience is simpler and smoother, and the development and growth of small and medium-sized businesses are more certain.


Previously, although Taobao and Tmall shared the same businessApp, but there are two different sets of platform mechanisms. Taobao focuses on small and medium-sized businesses and diversified long tail supply, while Tmall focuses on service brand businessesMainly.This organizational adjustment has realized the comprehensiveness of Taobao and TmallIntegration will driveConsumers' shopping experience is more smooth.


Under the new mechanism, both brands and small and medium-sized businesses will operate under a new unified platform mechanism. Alibaba's business service capabilities accumulated through Tmall's business and Taobao's business in the past will fully serve all businesses, so that they can get a better experience. The industry operations of Taobao and Tmall will be fully connected, and the growth path of small and medium-sized businesses will be clearer.


This adjustment is not just for Taobao and TmallOf industry operation capabilityA simple physical merger is an upgrade of the service capabilities of consumers and businesses.


The newly established industrial operation and development center will move from industrial operation to industrial operation, deeply serve merchants, and provide consumers' operation and commodity operation capability in the whole life cycle for merchants, including small and medium-sized merchants. In each vertical industry, a customer experience evaluation team will be established to take customer satisfaction as the benchmark of the industry's operation level.


The newly established platform strategy and operation center will upgrade the platform mechanism, promote the wide application of intelligent technology, establish an all-round digital business operation product system, and improve the insight of businesses into medium and long-term consumption trends and the ability to quickly respond to consumption feedback.


The newly established user operation and development center continuously optimizes the consumer experience link from the user product level to bring consumers a simpler, smoother and more convenient experience.


It is not difficult to see that the three newly established centers, corresponding to the three dimensions of business service and commodity operation, platform rules and governance, and consumer experience, are entirely organizational designs from the perspective of customers.


On January 1, Alibaba China's digital commerce sector was officially established. Dai Shan, on behalf of Alibaba Group, was in charge of Taobao (including Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba Mama), B2C retail, Taocai, Taote and 1six hundred and eighty-eightWait for a layer of organization.


Alibaba's financial report shows that as oftwo021yearOn September 30, in Alibaba's ecosystemnine point five threeBillion annual active consumers from the Chinese market. Monthly active users in China's retail market(MAU)Reachnine.46Billion, an increase over the same period of the previous yearsixfive hundred10000 yuan.


Analysts believe that with the integration of Taobao Tmall's business, the upgrading of business services and consumer experience, and the further strengthening of live broadcast and content based businesses, Alibaba will further consolidate and strengthen consumer minds, and create greater certainty growth opportunities for different types of businesses.

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