Fashion clothes are still the most popular electrical goods in the European market!


Source: ennews

Although the supply chain has been greatly affected by the epidemic this year, the enthusiasm of European consumers to pursue fashion has not diminished. According to foreign media, the market research platformResearch and Markets shows that fashion products and clothing are still one of the most popular online shopping categories in the European market, with a steady growth trend.


Perhaps influenced by the city of fashion, European consumers have unique aesthetic needs for fashion products, butSince 2021, the epidemic has continued to recur, and offline shopping has been deeply affected, while people's consumption mode has also changed from offline to online.


In most European countries, consumers' online shopping categories are mainly concentrated in fashion and clothing categories. stayA survey in the UK in October 2020 showed that the clothing category will be the second largest online shopping preference of British consumers in the future.


In Spain, the clothing category will occupy the first place among the consumer shopping categories. Not only that, in Russia, people also like to buy fashion items such as clothes and shoes online.


As an e-commerce platform with great global influence, Amazon andEBay has a large user base in Europe. According to data, British online shoppers have a large number of visits to Amazon and eBay platforms.


However, due to the quarantine measures taken by the UK due to the previous outbreak, the growth of clothing and footwear sales in the country slowed down.


In GermanyIn the first quarter of 2021, the e-commerce sales of clothing category achieved year-on-year growth, leading other categories.


A survey shows that in Germany and BritainOnline retailers like Zalando will lead the selection of shopping websites in 2021.


The sellers of the relevant target sites can do a good job in market research, effectively layout the store commodities according to the epidemic situation and weather changes. With the spread of the Omicron mutant, the epidemic situation in some European countries continues, and online sales will continue to grow. Fashion clothing category has always been a hot selling category of e-commerce platform, and sellers can continue to pay attention to it.

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