93% of Italian online payment PayPal


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Online payment methodPayPal is widely known in Europe, but PayPalOnline storeThe use ofandDifferent regions.In Italy,93% of online stores offer PayPal as a payment methodBut on the contrarySerbiaonly1% of online stores offer PayPalPayment method


US based payment methodPayPal has become EuropepopularMethod of payment. For example, just last year, itbecomeThe most popular payment method in Germany and Britain. according toStatistaofGlobal Consumer Survey,PayPalThe usage rate of online payment service users in the UK, France and Germany has reachedMore than 90%.


takePayPal is very popular when compared with other payment methods. In ecommerceDBinvestigationofOnly 12 out of 43 countries use payment methodsbyOne digit.contraryAmazon Pay onlyParticipation in the surveyTwo countries ofandThe region has reached a double-digit utilization rate.


The recent research of ecommerceDB has analyzed the suppliers to find out where online stores provide PayPal as a payment method. The study considered the top 100 online stores in 43 different countries. Italian online stores are leading the way in using PayPal,At least93%。


PayPalstayThe use in Germany is still widespread,88% of online stores will provide this payment method.Spain and Austria followed closely,About86% of online stores offer PayPal. The lowest percentage of online stores offering PayPal is Serbia, which ranks in the top 100on-lineOnly1%Provided by the seller ofPayPalpayment


The study also examined countries outside Europe. AustralianProportionIt's also very tall,92% of stores use PayPal. According to ecommerceDBSurvey summary ofMost Western European countries and the United States rank relatively high, while Asian and Eastern European countries tend to rank low.


Convenient payment is one of the important factors in e-commerce consumptionPayPalAs a popular payment method in Europe and America, it has attracted cooperation from many platformsOnBuy andPayPalIt has established a long-term partnership as an important layout for expanding more markets.


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