Amazon stock underperformed in 2021, rising only 2.4%!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

As a cross-border e-commerce giant, Amazon not only receives public attention for its financial reports, but also its stock price is the focus of attention.


According to the latest news,stayAt the end of 2021,AmazonHow many stocks have becomeThe largest laggard among technology stocks,Many Amazon'sFans naturally don't buy it, they believe it won't affect Amazon's development in the new year and will definitely catch up.


Data display,Amazon's stock price isOnly 2.4% increase in 2021Far behind the other four so-calledFAANG stock.Several major technology giantsappleMeta Platforms (formerly Facebook)NetflixAlphabetpartriseYes34%23%11%and 65%.Compared to the above numbers, Amazon is clearly slightly inferior.

 The e-commerce platform's Amazon stock performed poorly in 2021, rising only 2.4%!

According to foreign media reports,The last time Amazon brought such bad returns to investorsstillIt's in theIn 2014, the stock fell by 22% at that time.


analystrightAmazonstay2021Poor stock performanceThe reason was explained. Analysts say that the sameLike other e-commerce companiesCompared to 2020, Amazon is facingSame difficulties,epidemic situationCausing a surge in online orders.In order to avoid exposure to the virus, consumers have reduced their travel to physical stores and flocked to online purchases of various products, from toilet paper and masks to office furniture and dumbbells.


The shift towards online shopping has boosted AmazonThe sales of companies such as eBay, Etsy, and Wayfair are beneficial to their growth rates and have increased their stock prices.


fromStarting from the second quarter of 2020, Amazon's profitsJustTwice the year-on-year growth.butreachIn the spring of 2021, as more and more Americans are vaccinatedCOVID-19Vaccines, consumers begin to returnPhysical stores,And transfer some expenses to areas such as travel and dining outetc..


Although at that timeOnline shopping remains strong, but Amazon's year-on-year growth ratealreadyStarting to weaken.In the second quarter of 2021, Amazon's revenue increased by 27% year-on-year,relativelyThere was a slowdown in 2020. In addition,Amazon isThe first two quartersInincomePerformance below expectations, but alsoAffected by global supply chain constraints and laborshortageofPressure,It has also brought pressure to the stock.


Although Amazon's stock price has not shown significant growth compared to other technology stocks in the past year, analysts say that Amazon's stock price is still bullish in the new year.

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