The first live broadcast base of Cainiao Bonded Warehouse was settled in Yiwu, the "City of Small Commodities in China"


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This is the development of Yiwu Comprehensive Conservation AreaAfter the "bonded+live broadcast" business model, the first important ally will be welcomed in 2022, realizing a "good start" in business development.


The first bonded warehouse live broadcast base for cross-border information novices settled in Yiwu, the "small commodity capital of China"


The cross-border live broadcast alliance of rookie bonded warehouses is jointly created by combining three groups, including rookie bonded warehouses, live broadcast institutions, and cross-border businesses, which are all over the country and under the supervision of customsThe new cross-border e-commerce sales model of "logistics guarantee, price guarantee and import guarantee". At present, the alliance covers five new bird bonded warehouses in Yiwu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Zhengzhou, and can provide consumers across the country with tens of thousands of imported goods covering hundreds of imported brands.


The person in charge of Cainiao Cangbo made a speech on the spot, saying that Cainiao Cangbo was based on the bonded warehouse under the supervision of the customs, providing cross-border merchants with new sales channels and business opportunities, and realized by logistics"There is no difficult cross-border business"; At the same time, taking the "warehouse" as the base, it provides the live broadcast institutions and platforms with "goods and fields" under the supervision of the customs, so as to eliminate the trouble of goods supply and selection for the anchor.


In recent years, in the face of the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has bucked the trend, and the domestic demand for imported goods has increased. However, many consumers have doubts about how to bond and preserve the authenticity of goods."Bonded warehouses have the characteristics of 'domestic customs and foreign customs', so the delivery mode of bonded warehouses is generally recognized by the market due to quality assurance, fast logistics and price advantages," the relevant person in charge of Cainiao Yiwu Bonded Warehouse told reporters that the imported goods sold in Cainiao Warehouse can enter the bonded warehouse only after being supervised by the customs, and the delivery out of the warehouse to consumers requires a combination of orders, logistics and payment, and can only be delivered out of the warehouse after declaration to the customs, So as to ensure the traceability and supervision of the goods in the warehouse.


It is worth mentioning that the bonded warehouse delivery mode is not only strict in supervision, but also has obvious advantages in logistics timeliness and price. The reporter learned that the new sales model built by the bonded warehouse alliance has opened up the whole link from the anchor selection, warehouse stocking, anchor live broadcast to logistics distribution. The bulk purchase is stored in the bonded warehouse in advance, greatly saving logistics and procurement costs. The average number of goods ordered directly from the bonded warehouseThe goods can be received within 2-3 days.


The first bonded warehouse live broadcast base for cross-border e-commerce novices settled in Yiwu, the "small commodity capital of China"


With the completion of Yiwu Bonded Warehouse Direct Broadcast Room, Cainiao will actively explore online sales, anchor training, business introduction and other aspects with the Comprehensive Bonded Area by taking advantage of its own logistics e-commerce advantages. It is reported that Cainiao's cross-border import businessAfter landing in Yiwu in 2019, the business scale has been expanding, and the business volume has ranked first in Yiwu's cross-border imports.

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