The price of American electronic products has risen for five consecutive years! Smart home attracts attention


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

according toAccording to the latest survey data of NPD Group, in 2021, the sales of the American consumer electronics industry will again break the record,achieveUS $127 billion, an increase of 9% on the basis of double-digit growth rate in 2020


However, from this year(2022), the trend of this high-speed growth will slow down. NPD Group predicted in the survey report that,The revenue of the consumer electronics industry in the United States willA year-on-year decrease of 5% in 2022, 4% in 2023 and 1% in 2024, but still higher than the sales before the epidemic.


Stephen Baker, vice president and industry consultant of NPD, said in a statement: "In the past two years, the industry has achieved rapid growth, and we expect that the demand will slow down in the next three years."


At the same time, another trend in the U.S. consumer electronics industry is the average selling price(ASP), this year,Consumer ElectronicsASP achieved five consecutive years of growth, the overall average unit price exceeds$72, an increase of $16 compared with 2018.


stayIn 2021, the average price of consumer electronic products will rise mainly due to the increase in transportation costs and the shortage of parts, especially in the second half of the year. NPD predicts that in the future, due to the increased demand for high-end products and the weakening demand for low-end products, the price of consumer electronics industry will remain at a higher level.


Although the overall sales of the industry will declineNPD predicts that smart home will become a new growth point of the industry.stayIn 2022, the sales volume of smart home industry in the United States will increase by 6%, and the sales volume will exceed 4.1 billion dollars, which is mainly due to the growth of the security segment, among which,Security cameras will grow2%, smart doorbell will increase by 13%, and smart lock will increase by 8%


Ben Arnold, executive director of NPD and technology industry analyst, said"The sales of smart home devices will perform strongly in the 2021 holidayWe predict, from now toSales of smart home in 2024And sales will beIt will continue to grow in 2024. "


At the same time, entertainment products are alsoConsumer concernsAreas ofThe sales of VR devices and large screen TVs (65 inches and above) will also increase during this period。 althoughVR provides a unique entertainment experience, but large screen TVs will continue to develop towards larger screen sizes. "

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