Meiya launches new services, seller: not buying


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon USA released a notice stating that,Amazon to useCSBA (Customer Service by Amazon) sellers have launched the SAFE-T service (Amazon Sales Service Compensation), and sellers can follow corresponding policiesApply to Amazon forCompensation for losses caused by CSBA issues.


That is to say,If Amazon has already refunded the buyer,But the seller thinks they shouldn'tbearthesecostFor example, if the returned product is not in its original state, the seller can apply for compensation. Amazon will evaluate the seller's request and make corresponding processing according to Amazon's customer service refund policy.


Cross border shipping to Meiya to launch new services, seller: not buying


It is understood that,CSBA isAmazon PushA payment madeCustomer service outsourcing services aimed at providing convenience for Amazon sellers to process self delivery orders.This service is provided to customers through phone, instant messaging, and email24-hour service.If the seller subscribes to this service, their customer inquiries about the order will be forwarded to Amazon's customer service department, and the seller no longer needs to handle it on their own.


The CSBA service began testing in the middle of last year. In November, in order to further promote this service,Amazon offers free or discounted prices to sellers who meet the following requirementsCSBA Services:


1By providing effective tracking information and maintaining95% or higher effective tracking rate (VTR) to ensure buyers know where their packages are;

2Prepaid return label through Amazon(The APRL program simplifies the buyer return process and maintains an APRL rate of 95% or higher.


Meet the above conditions and maintain contact with each unit(Sellers with CPU less than or equal to 5% will receive free CSBA services every month. Sellers with CPUs higher than 5% can still enjoy a 15% to 50% rate discount, depending on the seller's CPU hierarchy.


Now, Amazon has launchedSAFE-T service seems to be further improving CSBA services. But from the feedback on the seller forum, many sellers are not buying it:


“——I certainly hope they're better than those who don't use itCSBA people can better achieve this. Every time I make a claim for damaged goods, I receive a penny, which together is rarely enough to cover the return shipping fees I am forced to pay. This is a joke, no matter how much evidence I provide, all appeals will be rejected;

——Yes,valuesixtyI only received the goods in US dollarsthree point nine nineUSD compensation, and the products returned by the buyer includeStains;

——I suspect this change is just because people are trying CSBA, and when they find outThis serviceMeansGive your money to their clientsWhen,They gave up on it like hot potatoes;

——Amazon is becoming increasingly complex, they should simplify everything


Throughout, we have always adhered toThe purpose of "customer-centric" has attracted many sellers' roast, and the return issue is one of them. Sellers have reported that they often encounter buyers abusing Amazon's return policy to defraud money. But now it seems that Amazon has not yet found a suitable solution to this problem.

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