A variety of styles of accessories set off a wave of hot sales in Southeast Asia!


Source: ennews

Social media has almost become a necessary platform to lead people to keep up with the fashion trend. Nowadays, short videos have almost occupied most of the time for people to surf the Internet, both at home and abroad, especially those likeShort video social platforms like TikTok have a large number of users in many countries around the world.


Tiktok has set off a craze for short videos in China, and foreign countries are no exception,TikTok also has a huge user base in Southeast Asia, most of which are young users who follow the fashion trend and have an important impact on their lives.


Young people, especiallyGeneration Z is full of curiosity about new things and hopes to be at the forefront of fashion. Therefore, it has its own unique aesthetic views on the popular fashion items.


For example, the dinosaur bone rings and banana clips that suddenly became popular a few days ago are the expression of young people's pursuit of fashion. Therefore, social media has almost become the traffic base for cross-border sellers to find hot goods.


It is understood that in addition to cosmetics, skin care and cleaning appliances, unique accessories have also become a hot category in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, metal materials, ring or overlapping accessories are very popular, including overlapping necklaces, ring earrings and rings.


In addition, Korean Wave culture is also popular in Southeast Asia. In addition to Korean dramas, Korean Wave element accessories that highlight female charm in the dramas have also become popular fashion items for female consumers in the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries, including earrings and necklaces with pearls. Korean fashion accessories also play an important role in guiding the consumption direction of the Southeast Asian market.


dramaLazada reported that in addition to the simple and sweet Korean style, the warm and complicated Bohemian style is also a favorite accessory style for Southeast Asian consumers. The accessories with complicated design, bold color and unique shape can sometimes collide with different beauty. For these countries located in the tropics or subtropics, the Bohemian style is very suitable.


At the same time, luxury style and even retro style are very popular accessory styles in Southeast Asian countries. A variety of cute hair bands, intellectual hair clips and hair rings are also popular fashion items in the local market. Relevant sellers can start layout according to the situation of the target market and strive to set off a wave of hot sales!

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