All up! Logistics prices may soar again before the Spring Festival


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The soaring cost of sea transportation and air transportation in 2021 caused headaches for sellers. In the first month of 2022, there was news that the freight price would rise again


Meisen's price may rise again!


The price of Meisen isIn 2021, it can be said that the freight and container costs will soar all the way, even higher, once approaching 40000 dollars.


During this period, the price of Meisen has also been reduced, such asDuring the National Day in 2021, however, there was a rebound. From the highest point close to 30 to the lowest point lower than 20, with frequent ups and downs. Many carriers thought that there would be some relief in 2022, but the fact is not satisfactory.


According to many insiders, the price of Meisen will rise again next week, and European routes are no exception.


As early asAt the end of December 2021, there will be many freight forwardersThe ship price may rise to one cabinet$20000, andMeisenwhat is moreWill reachreachUS $26000, Meisen's regular liner will also rise toUSD 40000。 The reason for its rise is that ordinary ships with relevant routes have been suspended and the space is tightThere are also unresolved supply chain issues.


In addition, repeated outbreaks have exacerbated these problems. Recently, the epidemic situation in Beilun, Ningbo has also made many Meisen cabinets boarded from the place to nearby places such as Shanghai Port.


Cross border e-commerce platforms rose across the board! Logistics prices may soar again before the Spring Festival


Many carriers say that it is too difficult, the price is too high, and they may also face the problem that the goods cannot be delivered and can not be delivered.


The rise of Meisen's price has brought trouble to the carrier, but it has brought a lot of benefits to the shipping company. According to the previous announcement of Meisen,In the third quarter of fiscal year 2021, the operating revenue of the company was 2.658 billion US dollars, up more than 57% year on year. In the third fiscal quarter alone, the operating revenue reached 1.072 billion US dollars, up 66.09% year on year.


The profits of shipping companies are quite rich, which is in contrast to the stable profits of small and medium-sized sellers to some extent. Some sellers said that they had no choice but to send the goods after learning the news about the freight. The frequent fluctuation of the freight was not stable by anyone.


Behind the rise in freight rates, port congestion has always been the top priority to be solved.


exceed100000 empty containers are stranded, and Los Angeles Port plans to charge


Although the peak season has ended and the single volume of sellers has gradually returned to a normal level, the congestion faced by the port is still tense, and the US government has been facing the pressure to ease the congestion. To this end, a series of relevant measures have also been taken, such as the requirement that Los Angeles Port and Long Beach Port operate around the clock and charge demurrage for long-term containers.


According to the Executive Director of the Port of Los AngelesSince the announcement of the plan to charge for stranded containers on October 24, the number of stranded containers at the port has decreased by 53%. On the other hand, according to Matt Schrap, CEO of Port Truck Transport Association, the situation is different.


Matt Schrap said that it was the shortage of productivity and efficiency, not the shortage of drivers and trucks, that caused the supply chain problems. The accumulation of empty containers made this situation worse.According to the Port Truck Transport Association, more than100000 empty containers were stranded at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.


In this regard, the Executive Director of the Port of Los AngelesGene Seroka announced last month that the port would levy a fee for long stranded empty containers from January 30.Port of Los Angeles plans to stopA fee of $100 will be charged for each empty container for more than 9 days. As time goes on, an additional $100 will be charged every day until the container leaves the port.


Seroka said: "Although we have achieved great success in reducing the number of imported containers on the terminal in the past two months, there are still too many empty containers on the shipping terminal. Like the container demurrage charge previously, the purpose of this empty container plan is not to collect fees, but to release the precious space on our terminal, clear the way for more ships and improve mobility."


This proposal requiresThe board meeting held on January 13 was approved by the Los Angeles Harbor Commission. Considering the many delays in container demurrage before, it remains to be seen whether this charging requirement for empty containers will be carried out.


Sailing up all the way! Logistics prices may soar again before the Spring Festival


However, some American carriers expressed concern about the detention fees for empty containers at Los Angeles PortMay cause shipping companies to delay shipping boxes back to the port。 The hauling company also believes that,This may prompt ocean liners to take a stricter position in accepting empty containers,Because there has been a problem with returning empty containers before, many terminals do not accept the return of empty containers if the picking and loading of empty containers do not belong to the same maritime carrier.


In addition to sea transportation, the situation of domestic air transportation is not significant.


The epidemic is imminent! Prohibited in Hong KongArrival of flights from 8 countries


On January 5, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Special Region said that the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong was imminent, so Hong Kong will tighten social distance measures from January 7 for 14 days.


According to my understanding, as ofOn January 4, there were 102 confirmed cases in Omikjon, Hong Kong, of which 97 were imported cases. At 18:00 on January 7,Accumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China301 cases


To strengthen epidemic prevention and control, Hong Kong willfromJanuary 8thtoOn January 21,prohibitThe flights from 8 countries arrive in Hong Kong, including American, French, Indian, Pakistani, British, Australian, Canadian and Philippine civil aviation passenger planes arriving in Hong KongAnd those who have stayed in the above areas will also be prohibited from boarding to arrive in Hong Kong.


stayAround the middle of December, a new variant strain of Omicron was found in many countries, followed by cases of infection of the virus in Israel, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.


It is reported that in the past few days, more than200000 cases. As of 18:00 p.m. on January 7, there are more than 10.59 million confirmed cases in France and 3.24 million confirmed cases in Britain.


The United States, as a key epidemic country since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemicOn January 3, the number of newly confirmed cases exceeded 1 million, breaking the record of single day increase since the outbreak.


Seagoing information rose all over the line! Logistics prices may soar again before the Spring Festival


At the same time, the epidemic situation in American ports is not optimistic. According to foreign mediaThe two major ports in the United States and Spain, Los Angeles Port and Long Beach Port, have100 workers confirmed COVID-19, this information is very likely toThe operation efficiency of the two major ports in the United States and Spain has a serious impact。 However, the port of West America has existed for a long timeThe situation under the container evacuation efficiency is likely to worsen again due to serious congestion


Sea freight increases, container demurrage increases, and international air flights decreaseWill have a certain impact on cross-border sellersCross border logistics blockedContainer congestionIt will continuepromoteSeller'stransportation cost


At present, the global epidemic situation is still serious, especially in Europe and the United States, where the epidemic is still in the outbreak stage. From the past, the epidemic will stimulate the increase of online consumption in Europe and the United States to a certain extent;


But at the same timeIncrease in logistics costs, andSupply chain tensionSuch problems are still important factors that seriously affect the development of cross-border e-commerce industry. Sellers should be prepared for long-term response to the epidemic.

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