Shopee increases recruitment in South Korea


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

According to foreign media reports, the e-commerce platform recentlyShopee is recruiting about 40 employees in South Korea.It is understood that,Most of the positions are for cross-border positions to support South Koreasellerget intoThe existing market of Shopee.


althoughShopeeVery earlyStarted business in Korea, but it is in the countryandNo consumer facing businessIts Korean website is dedicated to helpingsellHomeShopee is sold in the market.


Shopee tries to attract as many as possible by actively attracting Korean sellerssellHome. More diversified choices help to provide better shopping experience, thus attracting more users, more traffic and more sellers


It should be noted that,A recruitment of ShopeeGeneral rulesIt also includes aThe position of "HR administrator in Korean and Japanese markets" indicates that the company has also set its sights on another country.


After becoming the leader of e-commerce in Southeast Asia,Shopee is obviously not satisfied, and its globalization is speeding upin recent years ShopeeThe speed of expansion is obvious to all.


goyearAt the end of August, Shopee started its business in India quietly. In a video released by him, he announced that "Shopee is coming to India", and he is also attracting investment in India to attract sellers to the platform. At the same time, Shopee also made a commitment to provide free logistics and zero commission for sellers and buyers.


besides,ShopeeIt also extends its tentacles to Europe. in recent years,Shopee has developed rapidly, successively expanding the markets in Poland, Spain and France.


More Than This, Shopee has been in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and ColombiaArgentina and other countries went online. Argentina is its latest expansion in the marketThis yearIt was launched in January.


This time in Argentina,Shopee launched a number of preferential services for sellersThese includeSellers will be able to enjoy zero commission and free delivery servicesThe seller can also provide all its products for free6 interest free installmentsShopeestillEach transaction will be insured until the buyer confirms receipt of the goodsIn addition, buyers can track the delivery of each order at any time.


It is easy to see from these actions that,Shopee's e-commerce cake has become bigger and bigger.

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