Russia's purchase volume increased 26% year on year in December last year


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

According to Standard Bank of RussiaData for, during year-end procurement,last yearDecemberbuyamountthanThe same period in 2020Increased26%。 


last yearDecemberAnd2020December is different in that,epidemic situationStable, public sentiment generally improved and mass vaccination. In this context, Russian New Year consumption has become more active.


According to the data of Standard Bank of Russia, not only did the total purchase volume increase in the last month of last year, but also the amount was more thanIt increased by 34% in December 2020.


In addition, the bank's analysts studied the online and offline consumption of Russians on New Year's Eve.Statistics in December 2021 show that compared with December 2020, online purchaseOrder quantityAdded20%, the amount increased by 38%. At the same time, offline purchases increased by 32% and-29% 


During epidemic, Russianused to itThe convenience of online shopping,The cost of online purchase is also gradually higher than that of offline purchase,on-lineAverage in December 2021consumptionIncrease over last year15%, 1488 rubles, offlineThis valueDown2%,About1176 rubles.


Among the e-commerce consumption, the most popular ones are food, clothing and stamps. The average cost is about1283 rubles, 1456 rubles, 1702 rubles.From statisticsdataIt can be seen that foodandGrocery wholesale market becomesOnline shoppingLeader. In the long vacationIn timeThe Russians are trying to buy more products at low prices.


At the same time,The largest offline consumption isFast food restaurantaverageExpenditures are598 rubles; Grocery stores and supermarketsAverage branchOut641 rubles;And thenClothing stores, accessories and brand boutiquesaverageexpenditureby25227 rubles.


Among them, this yearIn December, against the background of the weakening of prevention and control restrictions and mass vaccination, the number of parties and New Year celebrations in the circle of family and friends increased significantly than a year ago. All this led to a significant increase in Russian demand for fashionable evening dresses, accessories and shoes, so the demand for clothing stores and boutiques increased significantly.


With the development of people's online consumption habits, Russian e-commerce is showing a rising state.

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