The Wish "price reduction enabling" function will be closed, and many policies will be changed!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently,The Wish platform releases information to remind the platform sellers of its price reduction enabling functionThis yearClosed on January 15。 For currently used"Price reduction enabling" merchants,Wish also announced specific time nodes.


After January 7, 2022,WishMerchants will no longer be allowed to create newFor the "price reduction and enabling" activity, all existing activities will end on the 15th. From the 31st of the same month, the merchant platform will no longer provide activity performance data.


It is reported that this timeThe price reduction empowerment is mainly to prepare for the next launch of a new promotion platform. It is worth noting thatRecently, Wish has made a lot of policy adjustments. Previously, we also announced the details of the Wish Standards project, including the shortening of the payment cycle of high-quality stores, the adjustment of the commission ratio, and the cancellation of policy compensation(including manipulating comments and ratings, misleading products, etc12 violations).


In terms of shortening the payment cycle,From this yearFebruary 6thOr after that date, the grade isPayment for "Platinum" storescycleenjoy"Wish Standards Weekly Payment Plan" benefits, paymentcycletakefromOnce a monthAdjust to Weeklypaymentonce, everyAccount and payment of the store on Tuesday


however,The policy of reducing the payment cycle to one week currently only applies to"Platinum" shop, no other stores are involved.


In addition,Wish also made comprehensive adjustments to other policies. On the whole, there has not been much change in the policy, and the adjustment is more inclined to merger or deletion.


From the peak season to now,The Wish platform has always been "quiet". Recently, the platform was asked by France to withdraw from the market, which once attracted attention from the outside world, and its reputation in the platform was also affected. It is understood that the reason for being asked to withdraw from the market is that there are problems in product safety and consumer protection.


butWish has not been affected in other markets, so platform sellers should pay more attention to changes in their policies,Timely plan in advance according to platform policies.

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