Spiderman has become a popular brand, and sales of products around Australia have soared 338%


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Spiderman has become a new web celebrity with goods.


The latest Spider Man movieSpiderman: Heroes Without ReturntogoyearIt was released in December and quickly became the highest grossing film in the world in 2021.With the popularity of films, related products have also welcomed a wave of hot sales.


According to foreign media reports, along withSpiderman: Heroes Have No Return, which has caused a stir in Australia"Spiderman fever", consumerseBayCrazy purchase of Spiderman related products on the platform.


According to foreign media,eBayalreadyTake note of thisphenomenonIt is understood that,eBayAustralia StationSpider Man comic book sales on160%, while Spider Man DVD and Blu rayOptical discSales of98%。 Spider Man games were also popular, with sales up 101%.


Except for the main characterAustralianyesvillainOur enthusiasm is also undiminished.buyAndGreen Devil, Doctor Octopus, DiankingAnd sand peoplefansquantityAlso inAdd.amongshock people electricallyWith amazing244% sales growthBecame the most popular villain


Villain relatedComic books are also very popular,Sand manCartoon sales increased304%, Doctor Octopus increased by 244%.In addition, the characters also handleVery popular, Dr OctopusGarage KitSales increased338%, Green DevilGarage KitIncreased264%,Electrified manual operationIncreased254%。


The reason why Spiderman related products areIn addition to the film factor, eBay platform is also popular because it is difficult to find new products for these related products in most cases. For example, quite a few comic books have stopped publishing, and some peripheral products have already stopped production,So more people turn toeBayplatformMake a purchase,Except for new products, OKFind second-hand and rare collectionsThis also leads to eveneBayMany commoditiesThey are also out of stock


We have seen many examples of the carrying capacity of film and television works. The fire of squid game this year also proves the carrying capacity of popular film and television works. However, the relevant peripheral products of these films and TV works often have copyright, and sellers need to carefully consider when selecting products.

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