To be the most fashionable bride, six wedding dress trends in 2022 will be revealed!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

The easing of the epidemic has also revived the wedding market. Many weddings postponed due to the epidemic began to be re planned in the past two years. For the bride, she wants to be the most beautiful person at the wedding that may only happen once in her life, and the wedding dress has become one of the final supporting factors.


From retro charm to leisure elegance, from traditional white to fashionable colors, thisThe trend of wedding dress selection in 2022 will provide new ideas for sellers and brides.


Retro charm


sustainable+Vintage bridal dresses are in vogue and show signs of continuity. Because of the BritishPrincess BeatricestayThe vintage dress worn when getting married in July 2020 drives the trend of this kind of wedding dress. The formal but not rigid shape has become a new fashion sought by many brides.


High Collar Wedding Dress


From tight lace dresses toA line simple dress, high collar design is suitable for any style and version of wedding dress. And the high collar can highlight the girl's temperament and charm, making the whole person look more elegant and noble. Perfect for weddings or formal occasions.


Wedding dress with color and pattern


Now pure white is no longer the only color in girls' minds. On the contrary, more and more brides choose wedding dresses with exquisite prints and colors. Wearing such a wedding dress to enter the venue ensures that all eyes are focused on the bride. includeOscar de la Renta, Dolce&Gabbana Court and Dior CourtDesigners, who integrate color and printing patterns into the wedding dress, have received a lot of attention.


Minimalism in the 1990s


stayAmong the wedding dress trends in 2022, we can see the popular inspiration from the 1990s. The tight cut slip dress, without too much decoration, can be matched with a jacket and white sneakers at will. Contrary to the traditional big skirt wedding dress, this simple and convenient style is just suitable for the new era wedding concept of pursuing comfort and nature.


Corsets are making a comeback


The corset is a must for the bride to find elegant and sexy gifts on the big day. The transparent tulle, embroidery and long skirt make the bride look very exquisite. It highlights the exquisite figure and the infinite charm of women.




During the epidemic, mini dresses proved particularly popular in small weddings. Because many newlyweds will choose to hold their wedding outdoors, and the mini skirt makes New Year activities more convenient, lovely and lively, which is more in line with the playful characteristics of outdoor weddings.


After the epidemic, people's demands for clothes were more comfortable and leisure, which also affected the design and selection of wedding dresses. So insiders expectThe wedding dress style in 2022 will also be light and comfortable.Relevant sellers and enterprises can also refer to the style mentioned above to select the wedding dress type suitable for consumers in this year's wedding dress selection.

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