In 2021, Russian e-commerce has a rapid development momentum, with the transaction volume increasing by more than 90%!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

according toData InsightAnalyst's preliminary estimateRussian e-commerce market in 2021Transaction volume growth exceeds90%,E-commerce trading volumeincreasenear45%。reachAt the end of 2021,RussiaTransaction volume in e-commercePreliminary estimateby7.8 trillion rublesExcluding cross-border business


The epidemic blockade policy in the spring of 2021 has become the driving force for the growth of Russian e-commerce.Boris Ovchinnikovexpress:"Russian e-commerceThe scale of market growth is huge, and this growth is made by millions of buyersconsumptionChanges in habits and behaviors and changes in strategies of tens of thousands of enterprisesAs a result, individual events cannot obviously cause this trend.


It is reported that,The events that will have the greatest impact on Russian e-commerce in 2021 are the increase in the number of e-commerce sellers and consumers caused by the spring epidemic and the Russian e-commerce platformOzon successfully IPOThe spokesman of Ozon News Service said that by the end of 2021, the company's total sales of goodsThe quantity is expected toincrease120%。


At the same time,Data InsightAlso show2021The fastest growingElectronic groceriesThe marketstayOnline in 2021Transaction volume is242 million ordersSales reached337 billion rubles. Analysts said that by 2024It could triple


In fact, in2021Russian e-commerce marketMedium, foodAnd the growth rate of drugs is also very strongCalculated by RNC PharmaIn the first quarter of 2021, the sales of online pharmacy chains in Russia increased by 24%More thanThe first quarter of 2020Level of.Expectedtwo thousand and twenty-twoBy the end of the year, online drug sales will exceed100 billion rubles.


other"Daily" product categoryLike petsSales of products, beauty and health products and children's productsalsoIncreasing. This indicates that online shopping isstayIt has become an important part of Russian daily life.Russian consumers are constantly on the e-commerce platformattemptbuyNew categories, increased frequency of purchasealsobringElectronic CommercemarketContinuous development


according toData InsightIt is expected that if there is no serious macroeconomic impact,The Russian e-commerce market will keep growing in 2022. And in some major growth areas, the growth rate will not be lower than that in 2021.


Pavel Glukhov, GR director of SberMarket, said,Although growth is an inevitable trendBut RussiaThe online market also hasquite a lotWhat needs to be doneAs consumers get used to online shopping, they will have higher requirements for delivery servicesPavel GlukhovIt is believed that the development of express service and ensuring fast and high-quality delivery are the focus of current Russian e-commerce platform business.

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