Possible delay! A cargo plane caught fire at Hangzhou Airport


Source: ennews

For the cross-border industry, marine logistics is the most popular mode of transportation for many sellers. The mode of marine transportation has a large volume of transportation, but it often encounters some unexpected accidents, such as extreme weather or port congestion. Especially recently, the epidemic situation in most places in China is sporadic, and many ports may be affected by the epidemic situation.


Relatively speaking, air transportation has a strong timeliness and has become a transportation method more and more selected by sellers. But recentlyIssued by East China Civil Aviation AdministrationTogetherNotice on Unsafe Events at Hangzhou AirportShow onJanuary 8, 2022Hangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportOne of our flights burst into flames when it left the port.


It is understood that the cargo plane is a plane about to fly to Xiaoshan International AirportMachevo Airport, Novosibirsk, Russia's cargo plane, on the same dayExit of 204 standflightyesRussian Airstar Cargo4B6534In the cabin when pushing out the stand before takeoffBurstflame.


Later,Hangzhou Airport immediately started emergency procedures,Within two minutes, the local fire department and first aid personnel rushed to the scene to deal with the emergency and successfully rescued it at the first time8 crew members.

It is understood that this cargo plane has been flying for 19 years, and it often fliesThe route from Moscow to Hangzhou via Novosibirsk,It mainly provides transport services for European and Russian buyersThe fuselage of the cargo plane has broken in two.


according torelevantinformationdisplay, the cargo planeaboutLoaded with20 tonsGeneral cargo, stowage of aviation fuel26 tons. At present, the relevant dangerous situation has been successfully eliminated, and the specific cause of the fire is being further investigated by relevant departments.


The sudden accident of Hangzhou outbound cargo plane may have a certain impact on the relevant sellers who have recently shipped. I hereby remind the relevant sellers to contact the relevant freight forwarders in time to master the logistics and transportation situation. If there is a possibility of delay in the logistics of goods, please communicate with the buyer in a timely and patient manner to avoid unnecessary losses.

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