Amazon is doing things! 5% of sales will be returned to the seller


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

It is understood that recentlyAmazon Logistics(FBA) New Product Warehouse Promotion Program Launched,includeAmazonProduct promotion advertising discounts, free warehousing, free removal, free return processing, and carrier inbound transportation discountsFive major discount plans including.


In addition, according to the content released by Amazon's global store opening, forQualified ParentASIN,Amazon willReturn5% Sales,And will directly deduct Amazon Logistics on a monthly basis(FBA fees.


But sellers should be aware that forProducts of different sizes and categories,Its preferential policies includeApplicable termsStill existsCertain differences.asstayWithin 90 days,For large items that meet the requirements of the planandStandard product, per parentASIN can enjoy up toThe discounts for are different, namelythirtyParts andfiftyOf itemsReturn of 5% of sales revenueDiscounts.

 Going to sea with information on Amazon! 5% of sales will be returned to the seller

And for theClothing and footwear products that meet the requirements of the plan,Within 120 days, each parent ASIN can enjoy a maximum refund of 5% of sales for 100 items,But currently, the plan is not being launched on all Amazon sites. It is reported that the plan is currentlyOnly applicable to stations in the United States, Japan, and Europe (GermanyFranceSpainItaly)andSellers who have completed Amazon brand registration on the UK website.


This benefit has not been launched yet,From the content of its announcement, it was announced this yearfirst quarter .Amazon suggestion not completedBrand registrationThe seller took early action. In addition, forIn terms of FBA and monthly storage fees, the exemption period is 3 months, while in terms of inventory removal fees, it is 6 months.


It is understood that Amazon's aforementioned preferential measures will alsostayAnnounced in the first quarter of 2022,At that time, it will coverUSA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, FranceMultiple sites including.


As the Spring Festival approaches, Amazon sellers still face many unresolved issues, but in the new year, everyone must have started planning their next plans. At the same time, sellers should also pay more attention to some new policies announced by Amazon and strive for more rights for themselves in a timely manner.

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