OnBuy and One World Express establish a partnership


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

thisThe partnership will allowOnBuySeller of the platformDownload their order toIn the system of One World Express, and delivered exclusively by logistics suppliersIn addition, the sellerYou can also useOne World Express advanced logistics software, including SmartTrack, helps them provide efficient and transparent express services to customers.


One World Express is one of the largest logistics companies in the UK. Its business covers North America, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, etc, together with postal services and four express delivery services in the worldas well asAir transportation and other well-knownLogistics CityWith more thanMore than 10 years of strategic cooperation.


One World Express is currently working for OnBuyPlatform approx11000 sellersProvide domestic express delivery solutionsalsoCommitment to expandOnBuy's support to promote its plans to enter the international market.


For this cooperation,One World ExpressThey said that,This partnership isOne World Express takes another exciting stepWe are pleased that our services will help promote the development of promising UK e-commerce retailers.AndOnBuycooperationIt's an exciting business,One World Express canpromotehisstayDomestic and internationalMarketincreaseThe rapid growth in the next few years is foreseeable


OnBuyRecently, it has been committed to international expansion, such as introducing more well-known brands, expanding the construction of logistics warehouse and infrastructure, etc. For andOne World ExpressThe established partnership is alsoOnBuyAn important part of expansion.


"We attach great importance to our existing retailers and customer base, and we are pleased to work with One World ExpressBuilding partnerships,Through themofExcellent express solutions to further enhance our services.This is just the beginningOnBuy set its sights on the international stagestayWith the support of One World Express expertise, we hope to see some exciting developments in the coming years.


Europe is one of the important markets for cross-border e-commerce, in which the UK is the main market. As a local e-commerce platform in the UK,OnBuyDuring the Black Five last yearSales increased year on year25%, showing growing potential. This cooperation will further accelerate the development of the platform.

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