Seller attention! Consumers prefer to pay for fast logistics services


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

these years,Retailers andlogisticsThe businessman has been working hardsatisfyconsumerSoaringYes, door-to-door deliveryServingdemandRecently, however,Regional e-commerce parcel operatorsA survey by LaserShipThe results show that, online consumersMore biasedbyFaster logistics servicepay.


LaserShip commissioned Hanover Research to investigate more than 3000 consumers to understandepidemic situationHow their shopping behavior and preferences have evolved since the beginning.


according toLaserShipMeans, near60% of shoppers interviewedonceFor fasterlogisticsService payment, including69% for the next dayDa ServiceMore fees were paid. thisTo some extentReflectsepidemic situationThe impact on shopping behaviorJune 2020ofinvestigationMedium,have62%ofRespondents saidNever paid for urgent deliverytooFees.


LaserShipCorporateinvestigationresultIt also shows that consumers are still overwhelminglylikeHome delivery service instead of online purchase and in store pickupBOPISAnd other forms of shoppinghave89%InterviewedConsumers prefer door-to-door delivery rather thanBOPISThis datathanIncrease by nearly 10% in 2020


Moreover, these interviewed consumers said that,theyPrefer online shoppingSelect to provideprovide home delivery serviceService retailers.


LaserShipexpress, slowLogistics will seriously affectRetailer'son-lineBusiness.have73% of consumers consider fast delivery as online shoppingofcruxstandardthisthanGrowth in 2020Has16%


Consumer preferenceChoose to be able tofastRetailers delivering goodsOnly onIn 2021,There is64% of consumersRefuse to try due to slow logisticsNew retailers,have54% of consumersthereforeChange retailers.


In this regard,Josh Dinneen, LaserShip's chief commercial officer, saidThe epidemic situation has increasedShoppers are free to deliver goods quicklyserviceofPreference and dependenceRetailers shouldEstablish a flexible and flexible supply chain to meet the needs of consumersshoppingExpect and respondconsumerChanging shopping behavior toAttract moreCustomers and improveUser tobrandofLoyalty.

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