Q4 awesome! The sales of European and American retailers are expected to increase in 2021


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

The double shortage of inventory and employees has affected the delivery of goods by many retailers, but the sales in Europe and the United States are still growing.


It is understood that although2021Delivery standards are lower than usual, staff and inventory are short, but on Christmas Eve,hisOnline sales are growing rapidly,by comparisonIn store salesThen presentdeclinetrendPlus consumers'Strong demand,Many retailers have improvedThe performance of the whole year of 2021, especially the household products businesses,2021SectionOverall sales in the fourth quartertakeExceed expectations


haveAccording to the report, as of2021December 25thBritishIn the eight week transaction update, including Internet revenueFull price sales increased in the fourth quarter20%, increased by 13% this year


The report also states that,It is estimated that the full price sales of the whole year will increase compared with two years ago12.8%staytwo thousand and twenty-twototwentyFY23,These retailers'sales volumetakeYear on year growth7%


During the same periodOnline sales increased by 45%, a 49% increase over 2019.Previous institutionsestimate2021Sales in the fourth quarter will be lower than those in the third quarter, butLater, with the development of apparel products"Strong recovery",Sales in the fourth quarter have changed a lot. 


On the other hand, faced with the same shortage of supply and labor, the fourth quarter sales of e-commerce platforms in the United States were equally optimistic. according toADI previously estimated that,US e-commerce sales are expected to increaseThe fourth quarter of 2021 will break through the $200 billion mark for the first time, reachUS $207 billion.


althoughIn December 2021, the sales in the U.S. market of Heiwuhe 1 did not bring too many surprises, but according to the sales performance of Amazon, Shopify and their local offline platforms, the online platform is constantly breaking the original sales record. Shopify's sales this year exceeded last year's $2.4 billion.


In the new year, the global supply chain problem has not been solved well, and the problem of labor shortage in foreign markets continues, but the development of e-commerce platforms has not stopped. Home, clothing, etcproductThis year will usher in new growth and recovery.

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