At the beginning of the new year, two more companies obtained financing


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

IndiaAvataarrecentlyexpress,hisAlready onUS $45 million was raised in Round B financing. This round of financing is led by Tiger Global, with existing investor Sequoia Capital India participating. The six year old startup raised about $55.5 million in all financing rounds, including some funds funded by the founder and CEO in their early years.


Avataar helps direct to consumer brands and e-commerce markets shape their consumer journey through 3D representation of products. Companies can integrate Avataar's plug and play technology into their systems, so that customers can use the phone's camera to visualize the product in real size and feel in the living room.


Sravanth Aluru, the founder and CEO of Avataar, said that the startup is currently working with a number of companies, including furniture, large appliances and other categories of e-commerce markets. AluruState one's positionMore and more companies are beginning to adapt to this technology because they realize the benefits it can bring. This trend is expected to grow only from here.


In addition,New tools of Amazon cross-border e-commerce"Link Baby" has won an angel round investment of 5 million yuan from a well-known cross-border e-commerce company.


Link Baby started with an Amazon sellerIt is a small tool developed internally by the company to support operation in 2020. Later, in September 2021, Linkbabe won the attention of cross-border e-commerce companies.


It is understood that Linking Baby has four functions: first, it aims to help sellers solve the problems of store andFor the security problem of listing, Linkbabe will monitor the seller's shop and listing at any time, and send an early warning signal in a timely manner; The second is to help the seller monitor all changes in the store's operation; The third is to help sellers monitor competing products; The fourth is to help the seller find out the competitors and optimize the operation strategy.

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